Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life After Coffee and Corrie Street

I've recently given up two of my long-time habits/fixes/vices...
Regular coffee and Coronation Street AKA Corrie Street (a British soap opera for those who aren't aware of this very popular TV show).
When it came to coffee, I've been drinking java since high school and often several cups in a day. It was something I never thought I'd give up, I LOVED coffee, big time.
As I blogged about here, I had a recent health scare ending up at the Emergency department one morning with a racing heart. It was attributed back to a cup of regular coffee I had on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning; something I don't usually do. That was enough to convince me that the Cup o Joe has gotta go!!!
What was it like to give up coffee?
 Well, I did have about 4 days of withdrawal symptoms (click to read more about those) including a WHOPPER of a headache that I've read since in the equivalent of a migraine. Apparently, coffee shrinks the brain and when we don't have it after imbibing on a regular basis, a headache (big time) is likely to occur.
 I also had brain fog, lack of concentration, tiredness, nausea...but it all past and now I actually feel a lot better and more energetic without regular coffee.
I haven't given up decaf coffee or a bit of chocolate now and then though. Here's a chart that shows just how much caffeine is in a variety of foods. A big difference, when it comes to regular brewed coffee and decaf. I'll take the latter now any day: organic and water processed of course.
As far as Corrie St. again that's been an addiction since high school but recently I realized this was the last TV show I was still watching and I was bored watching it now, so why bother. The plot lines in recent years have gone from bad to worse, many that I found stupid, some plain offensive. I don't miss it, and have gained back 2.5 hours I wasted on it every week. But again, it was something I never thought I'd give up.
Isn't it funny how we can adapt and change our minds about things we thought  we "couldn't live without" if necessary. Or just because we've thought it through, about really needing/wanting something so much.
Life After Coffee and Corrie St. is just fine!! :<)
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Joseph said...

I'm so glad you gave up coffee because it was a big scare for both of us. I'm giving up coffee and Corrie St. too.

Lorraine said...

before meds I couldn't drink coffee 'cause it would throw me in a state of panic, but now I can that I won't give up but I rarely more than 1 (big mug a day) or if I'm inclined I'll have a decaf...I've never watched coronation Street, but My brother -in-law (sister's husband) never misses it if he can't be there he tapes it...But he does have some British in him.....
oh I've let go of cable with no trouble at all....

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Good to hear, Geraldine that you are feeling better now.
(When I was in high school I would rush home to watch The Edge of Night every afternoon. :) However I never have watched Corrie.)
Wishing you a good Weekend coming up.

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, I actually feel a lot better, not drinking regular coffee. More alert, less tired, all pluses!

Hi Lorraine, Decaf water process is definitely the way to go, organic preferably too. Yes, Corrie St. is an addiction for a lot of people. Been there. LOL

Hi Brenda, I remember The Edge of Night LOL, wasn't that a hoot, complete with the organ music as I remember. I am feeling good Brenda, wasn't really sick just had to get past those caffeine withdrawal jitters!!!

Happy Weekend, G :<)

lissa said...

I neither saw Corrie Street nor ever got to drink coffee on a regular basis so I can't say I know what you're feeling but I admire you for giving up both. it's good to move on and enjoy other things, right?

hope you have a great day.

Lorraine said...

O btw the only way to get into someone's blog when you can't is to go back to yours and sign in happened to me too often, I hate this new blogger I hate it

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