Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mr. Cheddar Needs Your Votes!

Calling all Facebook fans.

Mr. Cheddar has an entry in a photo contest, in the "lazy" cat category.
He's not lazy of course but cat-napping is a close second!!!! 

Click here to vote for Mr. Cheddar and to check out the competition.

Personally, I think the Ched's a "paw-in" but I may be just a bit biased LOL

Thanks for your support, from me and the Cheddar. :<)


Ed Pilolla said...

of mice and snacks, if it's anything like the cats i live with:)

Petr Mihulka said...

I love cats, we have four of them. And Mr. Cheddar got my vote!

Dianne said...

Cheddar is a beautiful cat
I love his colors

Geraldine said...

Hi Ed, Ahhh...good one. The Ched approves!

Hi Petr, Thank you for voting Petr. Ched's in the lead for now!!! How cool about your four cats, I'd love to see pics of them.

Hi Dianne, He is a cutie, isn't he?

Wishing you a lovely Christmas Eve, Hugs, G

Margie said...

Oh, I did vote for the most handsome Mr. Cheddar!

Tammie Lee said...

I clicked, wishing you and your cute kitty the best.

SandyCarlson said...

LazyDude has my heart! You make me wish I were still on FB! Alas. I hope he gets all the fame he deserves.

Geraldine said...

Hi Margie, Thanks for your vote, me and the Ched appreciate it!

Hi Tammie, And thanks to you too friend.

Hi SandyC, Oh that's too bad. I hope Ched wins too, I think he deserves it, he looks so adorable in this sleep pose!

there's still over a week to go in the contest, so anyone on Facebook who would like to support Mr. Cheddar, thanks in advance! A wonderful gift basket awaits his curious paws if he does. I'll make sure to share lots of pics too.

Novel going great!!!! I have set a morning writing schedule that is making all the difference. Here's hoping I can reach my goal by the end of the month. It seems more of a possibility with every page I complete.

Hugs and see you all soon, G

Anonymous said...

I saw your post on Rumpy's blog and had to stop by and vote for Mr. Cheddar. He's one of the most beautiful cats I know (did I say that about a cat?) so I had to come support him. -Bongo

Hilary said...

I'm not a Facebook fan but I hope Mr. Cheddar does well. Keep us posted. :)

Geraldine said...

Hi Bongo, You're a gooood doggie! Mr. Cheddar sends a big headbonk.

Hi Hilary,Thanks anyways Hilary. I'm not much of a Facebook fan either. I have an account but don't use it much. Mr. Cheddar is considering getting a page though LOL.

Two days left in the contest and Mr. Cheddar is in the lead but 2nd place for "lazy cats" is picking up speed. Thanks to everyone who's voted for Mr. Cheddar and do keep those votes coming.

As a friend wrote in an email this week"


Hugs and Happy 13th, G :<)

Geraldine said...

Mr. Cheddar won for the best "lazy" cat, category! Woo hoo...I'll be posting some pics of the winner with his gift basket, when I'm back to posting on a regular basis, real soon!

thanks so much to everyone who voted for the Ched, most appreciated.

Hugs and Headbonks!!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

We knew you'd win Ched!!
Headbonks, and High fours!!
Herbert and Arthur

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