Sunday, December 4, 2011

Word of the Week: Snow

Walk on a Winter's Day

Chilled to the bone, the frosty sheer air.
Winter again unrelenting, inevitably here.
The stillness of a new untouched morning,
Still ours alone to share.

The trees, a wonderland of beauty,
Boughs lush with white diamonds,
Dreamlike, in a haze of soft gray sky.
A picture,well-worth a thousand words.

Bundled and mittened, we walk on….
Determined, sure-footed,facing the elements.
Brave against the chill.
Your hand in mine, snug and secure.
The cold less bitter,because you are near.

Step after step,we trudge the brilliant white mile.
Smug in our solitude with nothing to fear.
With chocolate and kisses, waiting in the warmth.
To welcome us home again; so glad you are near.


Growing up on the Canadian Prairies, we spent many a day out in the snow. And snow it did; sometimes with "drifts" reaching as high as the roof of the house!

Blizzards, stay-at-home snow days,ice forts,skating rink in the backyard, snowball "fights", walking in the deep snow, frost on the trees.....lovely, cherished memories.

 I love the snow!

I hope there is plenty where we are, this Christmas.


"The snow: a blanket of diamonds in the winter sun."

I wrote this description many years ago. I still love the image it conjures up. :<)

Link to the original post at My Poetic Path, with a tribute to my dear brother Wendell.

 He was a December baby. I miss him so much. Even more so, this time of year. Hugs to you dear Wendell.

This poem was not written for him specifically, but I think he would have enjoyed it.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Beautiful poem, Geraldine.
It brings to mind for me the walks in the snow I have had as well, you are able to catch the experience very well in these words.
There is something about snow, that refreshes, and also relieves one of all the stresse so that at the end of a walk, a person feels tired, and ready for the comforting warmth of home.
I hope you get your wish for snow at Christmas!

Margie said...

G, I love your poem!
It's beautiful!!!!

And I can so relate when you mention those snow drifts.
I grew up in the country in Nova Scotia and we had those very high drifts!
I have memories of neighbors getting stranded in front of our house (we always got those big drifts and they could drive no further) and spending the night till the snow plow came in the morning.
I would be peeping through the keyhole to see who was in our kitchen.
And my mama would say, "Now, you must get back to bed as you have school in the morning"
I would go back to bed and laugh as I knew there would not be any school "in the morning" LOL.
Not with all that snow!
The snow plow did not usually get there till about 10 am and we had a "snow day"
All of us kids cheered when we heard there was no school!
But not our mom as she was a teacher and still had papers to grade.

I have some wonderful and treasured "snow" memories!
With 8 kids in our family we had our share of fun playing in the snow!
Lots of snowball fights and making snow forts, oh, the fun we had in the snow!

I love the snow!
It's so beautiful!
Hope your snow for Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful day!
I came by early as my husband is taking me to breakfast and then we are going on a big hike with Jake.

I want thank you for visiting my new blog and leaving your kind words.
I like this blog better than my poetry one as I love putting the pictures up ....a picture is worth a thousand words!

Margie :)

Margie said...

Oh, your snow picture is WONDERFUL!!!!!

sandy said...

I agree with Margie. This is a really neat shot.
So glad you got some snow to walk in.

Joseph said...

Beautiful poem. I know Wendell enjoys it too. He is still with you, always. The photo is cool too.

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, You and I are remembering the same place for snow as children LOL and oh, there was so much of it, wasn't there? I can't wait to live in a place again that has lots of snow, probably back to the Yukon. It's so beautiful up there in the winter, so peaceful and still a lot of snow, compared to so many places in Canada now. It is a comfort to come home after a long walk on a cold snowy day, I agree. Especially when hot chocolate is on the menu. ;<) I'm glad you enjoyed this poem and yes, I do hope there's snow on Christmas morning!

Hi Margie, Oh what a great story! I loved it. I love your new blog btw and I agree, a picture IS worth a lot of words. I always try to find one or more to add to posts. Loved seeing your latest ones too. good luck with the new blog adventure. And so glad you enjoyed my poem here too.

Hi Sandy, It's already melting away!!! Today is stay-at-home bathrobe day so it will be back to walking with the brown paths etc, by tomorrow, unless more snow shows up tonight. Very unlikely. Keep sharing those gorgeous Maine snow pics, ok!

Hi Joe, I hope Wendell can enjoy this poem. He has been on my mind this month, so much. Miss him so much.

Hugs to you all, G :<)

Ed Pilolla said...

i enjoy winter best with chocolate and kisses too:)
wonderful read.

Teri C said...

This is a beautiful photo and a beautiful poem.
However, I prefer to admire it from afar. It was 34 F this am and I about froze! I am spoiled.

lissa said...

I enjoy taking photos of snow more than being in them.

hope you have wonderful snow where you are.

Geraldine said...

Hi Ed, I hear ya and I agree! A great way to warm up. ;<)

Hi Teri, Thanks for the kind words Teri. That's not even cold my dear!!! You should try living on the Canadian Prairies for a winter, that's what I call cold.
-70C was the worst I remember, colder than Resolute up north for a week, with the wind chill factored in. We still kept going, to work, driving...hardy folks LOL.

Hi Lissa, Your NY pics looked so warm and pretty this week. I love seeing Rockefeller Center when it's lit up and usually there's a bit of snow by then. As I recall from when I lived in Toronto, NY does have years where there is lots of snow?

Happy Week, G :<)

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