Sunday, October 9, 2011

Word of the Week: Pets

What would the world be like, our lives be like, without pet friends to share it with? Hard to imagine when you love them as much as I have, for so many years.

 I thought it would be nice to feature the word: pets this Thanksgiving weekend. To remember all the furry friends that I have been so thankful for. For all the love, fun and entertainment they've brought into my life.

Right now, we only have Mr. Cheddar but look forward to the day (hopefully soon) when a "herd" LOL of cats is once again a reality.

For many, many years I had 4 cats: Prince Theo (aka Prince Porkie), Little Lois, Tasha and Mitzi. Four seems like such a perfect number as they always have a snuggling partner. And it was fun x 4, watching them. I miss them all, so very much.

I know Mr. Cheddar would like another feline companion too. He mourned the passing of  Mitzi for a long time. He was so sad when she passed, two years ago. It was amazing really, watching him during this time. So sad but so touching too.

For all the pet-lovers reading this, please give your pets a hug from me this week. They are precious family members. And ones we should never take for granted.
They leave us much too soon.

Happy Thanksgiving! Headbonks from the Ched too. :<)


This is a poem I wrote for Mr.Cheddar a few years ago.

I had dreams about Mr. Cheddar for weeks before we got him. And there he was, the only orange cat, waiting for us at the Shelter that day. Apparently he had been "passed over" many times, because he wasn't good-looking enough, so the attendents told us! Oh, if they could only see him now eh?

He had a very tough life before we got him it seems. He's still scared of any unusual noises and can't go outside except in a carrier, he really panics.

I'm glad he has found his way to a safe and loving home after all that.


Ode to Mr. Cheddar

Mr. Cheddar, what a guy.
He’s the apple, of my eye.
Fair of face and coat of shine.
Being with us; by design?
Mr. Cheddar, you aim to please.
You melt my heart.
And run like the breeze.
What did we do when you weren’t here?
So glad you were waiting.
Goodbye to despair.
Mr. Cheddar, my little man.
Eyes so green.
With many a fan.
You are a survivor of sad, suffering ways.
Still your heart remained open.
To happy times, better days.
Mr. Cheddar, I saw you there.
In my dreams, you would sit and stare.
Waiting for your time of release.
Now you are safe and far from grief.
Never again to be hungry or sad.
You’ve come home.
We are so glad.
“Ode to Mr. C” © 2008 Geraldine Hartman
Photo of Mr. Cheddar © 2008 Geraldine Hartman


Ed Pilolla said...

far from grief. such a heartfelt poem.
i miss having a dog. it's been several years since my guy died. hopefully i will be able to have another dog soon.

SandyCarlson said...

You have me in love with your kitty! That is a beautiful post. We need our friends, whatever form they take.

Lorraine said...

it's beautiful Ched, Ched, you must never leave your mom never, you Handsome thing you poem almost made me cry

Anonymous said...

that is so nice!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for this post - a good one for Thanksgiving weekend.
I'm so glad you rescued Ched from the shelter, hard to believe he would be passed over, but you saw his beauty. (Herbert had also been passed over, too often, when I adopted him.)

You rescued him, but he's the one who brought you so many precious gifts, right?

I really like your ode to the Ched, and plan to come back and read it again.

Pets do give us much indeed!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise you got Mr. C from a shelter. How could anyone abandon that gorgeous baby? But I'm so glad he found you. Your tribute made me cry in a good way!

Cathy said...

I sure do relate, both my girls came from shelters and had to be adopted together as theyd always been together. They're my baby girls that my grown up girls got for me to take away the lonliness I felt once they moved out and they were a god send. I really did need to be able to "mother' still and my girls get all the cuddles we both need!

Geraldine said...

Hi Ed, I hope a new furry pal comes into your life soon. I know you have a blog related to animals/pets as well. They do bring us so much, don't they?

Hi SandyC, He is easy to love Sandy!

Hi Lorraine, They all leave us but I know they are all waiting on the other side for us, someday. We've had experiences with several of our cats, after they passed over, amazing but true. I have no doubt that they spirits live on too. It helps with easing the pain when they do go.

Hi SandyL, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Brenda, And Herbert is SO handsome too. They just need some love to bring out their best. Sometimes, people don't seem to be able to see beyond the matted fur etc, it's sad. When I worked for the Humane Society, time after time prospective pet owners would come in wanting "cute kittens" but no, not an adult cat!!! What a mind-set eh? It was one of the reasons I always adopted the "last chance" kitties, always adults. Except for our little Mitzi and that was because a friend of mine wouldn't let me leave the Shelter that day without Mitzi! I'm glad I did make that exception to the no kitten rule as Mitzi was only 6 wks. old at the time.And of course, she was loved and with us, long after she was a cute kitten.

Hi Selma, Judging by what we were told, the state of his fur etc, and his nervousness, I'm guessing Ched had been to hell and back when we got him. We've sure tried to make up for all that sadness and those hard days. He is a beautiful guy.

Hi Cathy, Are they still with you Cathy? I hadn't realized you had pets. Do share some pics if you can. They certainly are good company, I agree. Family members that add so much to our lives.

Happy Week, G :<)

lissa said...

I don't have a pet and never did quite getting use to being around animals. but mr. chedder is supper cute. Is he called chedder because he's orange like those orange chedder cheese or something else? I find it quite amusting the way people give fun names to their pets and even their children.

have a sweet day.

Teri C said...

Such a sweet post. Pets are so much a part of our life and arn't we lucky for that!!

Mr. Cheddar said...

Thanks to all the humanoids who stopped by to visit and leave a comment. Ms. Carlson, you are indeed a wise woman to fall for me. I am rather easy on the eyes!!! And yes, it is hard to imagine how those that passed me by could be so silly and blind. But I was fortunate to hook up with the humans that I currently own. They have their faults but overall, they're ok. And they treat me well, except for the fact that I need a new furry pal and NOW and I need my own blog too, hopefully soon.

Headbonks from the one and only Mr. Cheddar, Fearless Bug Warrior

Tammie Lee said...

such a sweet fun poem
mister Cheddar is lucky to have you~

Joseph said...

Mr. Cheddar is one smart feline. He is a wonderful pet and as he has already said, fearless when it comes to all bugs.

Anonymous said...

I love your poem! I can't imagine he wasn't considered good looking enough.

Can I use that pic too?

Geraldine said...

Hi Lissa, I picked the name Mr. Cheddar as our prime minister has a big orange cat named the same. He's not my fav politician but any guy who can take an official govt. photo with his cat sitting with him, has got to have some good going for him, right !!! Mr. Ched is a beautiful deep orange color a bit darker than Cheddar cheese.

Hi Teri, I can't imagine not having pets, can't wait to have a lot more actually. A herd as I said, would be great!

Hi Mr Cheddar, You are indeed loved oh Ched and of course, your writing skills are amazing too. Get that cat food review done soon ok!!!

Hi Tammie, It works both ways. Do you have pets Tammie? I'm guessing maybe a horse where you live?

Hi Joe, Oh yes, can't forget FEARLESS, indeedy!!!

Hi Rumpydog, Although the name "rumpycat" is not going over well with the Ched, he gives me a dirty look when I say it LOL (he does have kind of a big a...)he is still so juiced about being interviewed for your blog. We are anxiously awaiting the post!

Hugs and Happy Thursday, G

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for stopping by. Coming to your blog is like coming home.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there Ched,
H and A here. thanks for stopping by to B's blog all those times. Thanks for your compliment this week. Yep we think we're pretty tough.But you are the cat's pyjamas - Celebrity Blogger and a fearless bug warrior, and loved by many! We always love to hear from you - hey did you say you'll be starting a blog soon, we can't wait! Yippee!
B wanted to us to mention that your eyes are beautiful - they seem full of wisdom.We agreed to share this, but think it's abit too flowery.
Headbonks to you Fierce Warrior!
H and A

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Cheddar, I am going to post your interview tomorrow! I am so excited and I know my friends are going to love you!

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyC, How nice of you to say!

Hi Brenda, Ched appreciated the love. And yes, I agree, he's got amazing eyes.

Hi RumpyDog, Wooohooo...Chedster is ready, so am I!

Happy Sunday and time for a new word of the week, G :<)

PS: Mr. Cheddar has a new review posted at:

he's baaaaaaaaaack to blogging!

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I really adore people who manage to take care of their pets.

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