Sunday, October 2, 2011

Word of the Week: Wisdom

"People live like birds in the woods.
When the time comes, each must take flight."

Chinese proverb



I really like this proverb. A lot of wisdom in so few words.

I also love this gorgeous bird photo.

My thanks to Rachael over at Hummingbird Hollow for sharing this beauty from her world.

Here's to a week filled with wisdom, insights and inspiration.


Lorraine said...

I'll take a marvelous photo over wisdom anyday, wow sweetie!

Teri C said...

The perfect image for this word of wisdom. If we only had more of it to understand more about life and when it is time to move on.

I'm so happy you are still doing the word of the week. You always pick the most thoughtful ones.

Joseph said...

I like the photo. Wisdom goes deeper than just being smart. Using all of our life experience in addition to intelligence. Good choice for Word of the Week.

Petr Mihulka said...

The image just underscores the wisdom. And always when I read something like this, I find that it is gonna find use in my life in a near future :-)

Lorraine said...

Hey my son and his fiancee are going in your neck of the woods, well Id on'tquite know where but he'll be in "BC with his dad for a while

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, This little bird looks pretty wise, don't ya think? ;<)

Hi Teri, It's hard to know sometimes isn't it? And sometimes the choices we can make aren't necessarily our first picks. I'm glad you like my WOTW posts. I'd miss writing them too, if I had stopped.

Hi Joe, It is a word/concept with more depth, I agree. A word I like to think about. I've been called a wise person several times, something I aim for but don't feel I'm there, most days.

Hi Petr, I hope it is, thanks Petr.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for your comments,always appreciated, G :<)

Prasetyo said...

You have a great articles. Thanks for sharing. And dont forget to visit me back at here

Selma said...

What a fabulous photo. Wisdom is so important to survive this crazy life. You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Tammie Lee said...

I like the word 'wisdom' too. the photo and quote are perfect together.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

A good proverb, and a lovely picture, Geraldine.
By the way,
wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, this weekend!

Geraldine said...

Hi Prasetyo, Welcome and thanks for your kind words.

Hi Sel, Kenny knew what he was a singin' about, I agree. that's real life wisdom, in action. ;<)

Hi Tammie, I loved this photo so much. I was so glad Rachael let me share it here. Washington state sure seems to have more than it's share of beauty! I agree about the quote and photo together, I'm glad you liked it too.

Hi Brenda, And Happy Thanksgiving back to you Brenda. It's going to be a rainy one here.

Happy Thursday, G :<)

Lorraine said...

Hey you if ever you need someone to proofread I'm your gal I have eagle eyes I've been told I can catch a typo and anything and everything except f course in my own writing..You knwo how it is you write and your brain sees what you think you wrote lol

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I'll keep that in mind. I didn't realise I had been making that many typos, spelling errors etc, but maybe this is an offer being extended elsewhere too? I'm usually thinking ahead of what I'm actually typing, that can be fun, I'm sure you'd agree LOL. G

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