Monday, May 14, 2012

Yoga for Healing

I recently got back to practising hatha yoga on a regular basis. I am SO glad that I have and for so many reasons.

 I'm now up to 4 sessions a week. I plan to add a creative visualization component to each session in the near future; just waiting for some CD's to arrive for this. I'll be reviewing at least one of these CD's over at My Real Life Reviews too, after I've had a chance to test them out.

I found this wonderful and detailed article about the many benefits of yoga over at recently. The benefits of yoga seem to be limitless.

Personally, after re-starting my yoga poses a few months ago, I've already noted some wonderful and significant results: I sleep better, have better balance and flexibility, an issue with one of my ankles that flares up is getting better, my skin looks smoother....the list goes on and on.

Do you practise yoga? What are some of the benefits you've noted?

It's not surprising that yoga is as popular as it is!


Dianne said...

I'm afraid my experience with yoga is limited to "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

I do know how beneficial it is

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I really enjoyed the link to the Hoistic Health site, and plan to read more. At this point I'm not able to take a class, but perhaps I can try some poses at home with the guidance of the instructions on this site.
I used to do yoga poses and breathing exercises, at home following Karin's Yoga program on t.v. when I was a teenager, and loved it.
I so agree that it is good for health and one's general well being.
Thanks for this post, and the gentle nudge in the direction of health.
I'm glad that you are finding well being from doing yoga.
Cheers! Hugs!
Have a wonderful week, my friend!!!

sandy said...

I will look into it, for sure.
Yes, I have in the past, and have been thinking about returning to it.

Geraldine said...

Hi Dianne, LOL. Ah...I'm sure you could master yoga, no problem.

Hi Brenda, I think it's best to start with a qualified instructor as yoga poses need to be done correctly to be beneficial and also not to cause any problems. But if you've already followed some yoga training in the past, I'm sure you are aware of this. Yoga is a subtle art. It looks easy but there's a lot going on, in every single pose. Fascinating to practise and to read about too. Let me know if you pursue this further.

Hi SandyL, I think you'll be glad you did. I certainly am. I only wish I hadn't quit years ago and had to start over. But the gains in flexiblity and well being show up quickly.

Happy Week, G :<)

Joseph said...

Wonderful when something that causes no harm and is completely natural and has such good overall results.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there, Geraldine,
You are so correct to remind B, that she must take care if she tries any yoga. She's really not as flexible as she must once have been at the young age of 17 when she did yoga, with Karin's Yoga on t.v.

We felines are masters at the art of relaxation, and meditation. Even at my mature age, I am soooo supple, and able to stretch anyway I wish.

Arthur in his young age seems to have no bones in his body, he is the "relaxation master" in this house.

However as you humans age, you really must take care, before trying new forms of moving, stretching, and bending - your advice to B to seek the teaching of a yoga teacher, is sooo appreciated. What would we cats do if she became injured and unable to bend down to feed us our din din.

Does the Ched do yoga with you?

Headbonks to Mr. Cheddar!!!
High 4's to you dear Geraldine, for your wise advise to our B.

Mr. Cheddar said...

Hi Ms. Dianne, Snort....sounds so human!

Hi Ms. B, Herbert and Arthur, I am SOOOOO glad you have reminded all the humans, especially the ancient ones like our Meowmies snort....just joshin' Meowmie, that they MUST be careful not to sprain, strain or break anything that may impact their ability to pour kibble, and quickly! Although the quick part is already a bit of a challenge, somedays here. They are SO easily distracted. I mean, can't a boiling tea kettle wait, when I'm hungry? Apparently NOT. Thank you Herbert for your sage advice. Always spot on!!! It's an English term btw, my Meowmie picked up from Corrie St.

Hi Ms. SandyL, Again, do be careful as I've advised all humans above, not just Ms. B and my Meowmie. Pray tell are there felines or canines at your abode?

Hi Pawmie, Yes, Meowmie does come up with some interesting topics but not enough with a feline flair!! I must work on that, get her attention more as she types endlessly.

Laters, The Cheddar, Supple and sleek as ever!!! NOT joshin' this time. Snort................

Mr. Cheddar said...

PS to Meowmie, did I miss YOUR comment. Yes, you are oh so flexible now Meowmie (wink, wink to Herb and Arthur) I bet a headstand is just a week away. You're getting better Meowmie and that is what counts. Just don't break anything OK!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Mr. Ched,
It's great to see you're able to get on your Meowmie's computer today!
We've missed your friendly snorts, and wise advise!
H and A

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, Here, here...first do no harm, seems to be forgotten when it comes to so many treatments, goes so far beyond just the physical exercise aspect.

Hi SandyL, Let me know if you do.Did you take classes Sandy in addition to working out at home?

Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Such catty comments coming from the felines today, eh Brenda! Must be something they're eating LOL.
Point taken though, gotta take care NOT to overdo. Good advice at any age. And for felines too, don't you agree? :<)

Hi Mr. Cheddar, OH you are such a silly but oh so loveable boy. Not to worry, your kibble-time is ALWAYS top priority. Must remember not to boil any water around those times though...who knew you were keeping such close tabs! LOL. And that headstand, don't rule me out. I know cat-sarcasm when I read it!!!

Happy Weekend/Long weekend in Canada too, G :<)

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