Sunday, July 29, 2012

Word of the Week: Productivity!

I've been away from blogging for the past month, working on a number of offline projects.

It's been a most productive month! :<) 

I finished up a number of craft projects that have been "in the works" some for a long time including a couple of gifts I sewed. Book orders ready and sent. Proposals I'm working on....

The crafts, I'll  be sharing over at the near future, with photos.

 The weather was for the most part was toooo hot to enjoy much outdoor activity so I wasn't tempted to venture outside all that much. I am not a fan of overly hot weather.

I also completed my haiku poetry book: Haiku Reflections; The Four Seasons, now available for sale over at Amazon. Again, another project I was happy to complete and also happy with the results.

And I've been working through the edits of my novel. Again, going very well. I'm really feeling hopeful and positive about the story I've written. Some knowledgeable (former and new) contacts in the book biz. have "surfaced" recently, so I'm getting some pointers/advice how best to proceed after I'm finished with all the edits and ready to go from there. 

 I was procrastinating on this project, truth be told. After I had finished my first draft, I was excited and at the same time, apprehensive about the next step in the process. But now that I have gotten past that hurdle and have actually started working to finish the book, I am really feeling good about my work.

A long time ago, a man I was involved with shared this quote with me, apparently credited to L. Ron Hubbard, of Scientology "fame". I'm NOT a fan of Scientology but I did like this quote and I never forgot it:

"Production is the Basis of all Morale"

I don't know about the ALL part but being productive is so energizing, when it comes to creative projects. Taking an ordinary or even bad day and turning it around for the better.

Another quote I like:

"Just begin, the inspiration will follow."

This one shared by a famous Canadian painter I had the privilege to interview years ago.

Sometimes, we don't feel like starting. I know that only too well. But the inspiration DOES follow. The best way to begin, is, to begin (my quote) and it's so true.

Best of luck with all your creative pursuits too! When we encourage and support each other, it's even easier to be productive I believe. Positive vibes and energy, love it!!!!

I'll be catching up with all my blog visiting this week.

Happy Week!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Word of the Week: Goodness

I decided to resurrect my "word of the week" posts, to share a word that's been on my mind a lot lately:


I tend to be overly sensitive and regularly get "bogged down" when I read or see stories about violence, cruelty, inhumanity....They come to mind, again and again and often stop me from sleeping too. I'm not one of those lucky people that can "hit the pillow" and be out like a light. My mind tends to go into overdrive on many a night and often not with happy, peaceful thoughts.

At the same time, this simple but rather profound thought came to me a while back and it has helped me to cope a bit more when dark thoughts come to mind.

And that good thought is how things in the world seem to balance out and still favor the goodness of people in general. The stories that aren't always front and center. There are lots of them. The inspiring people who do more than their share to "do the right thing" and make a difference for the better, on a regular basis.

Yes, the darkness, the evil is always there. The free will that has gone so far astray for too many people, for whatever reasons.

But the goodness, the light is always shining too and hopefully, still out-weighing, the bad things that happen in this world. Miracles, good deeds, beauty, ethics, truth,'s all there. 

PS: I'm taking a blog break starting this week, for the rest of July.
Time to get outside and off the computer.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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