Monday, July 2, 2012

Word of the Week: Goodness

I decided to resurrect my "word of the week" posts, to share a word that's been on my mind a lot lately:


I tend to be overly sensitive and regularly get "bogged down" when I read or see stories about violence, cruelty, inhumanity....They come to mind, again and again and often stop me from sleeping too. I'm not one of those lucky people that can "hit the pillow" and be out like a light. My mind tends to go into overdrive on many a night and often not with happy, peaceful thoughts.

At the same time, this simple but rather profound thought came to me a while back and it has helped me to cope a bit more when dark thoughts come to mind.

And that good thought is how things in the world seem to balance out and still favor the goodness of people in general. The stories that aren't always front and center. There are lots of them. The inspiring people who do more than their share to "do the right thing" and make a difference for the better, on a regular basis.

Yes, the darkness, the evil is always there. The free will that has gone so far astray for too many people, for whatever reasons.

But the goodness, the light is always shining too and hopefully, still out-weighing, the bad things that happen in this world. Miracles, good deeds, beauty, ethics, truth,'s all there. 

PS: I'm taking a blog break starting this week, for the rest of July.
Time to get outside and off the computer.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


TALON said...

I hear you, Geraldine. It can be overwhelming when you hear and read and see all the evil things going on in the world. But, like you, I believe good is still stronger.

That rose pic is fabulous! My favorite color for roses is pink :)

Hope you had a glorious Canada Day!

Brian Miller said...

i hope you get to enjoy some goodness while on your break...smiles...good still wins in the end...

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Geraldine! You have yourself a good holiday.
Catch you when you get back.

Geraldine said...

Hi Talon, We've got to keep on believing don't we? Goodness IS stronger than the dark side. It always triumphs, eventually. I agree, isn't this a beautiful flower? I love the color.

Hi Brian, Me too, thanks Brian. ;<)

Hi SandyL, I'll be around now and then, online but for the most part, I want to focus on offline stuff for this month. I just noted a couple more bloggers I follow, saying much the same thing so I think I picked a good time for a break. It's even warming up here a bit LOL.

Happy July and Happy 4th, G

Geraldine said...

PS: to Talon, this is actually a begonia but I agree, it does look a lot like a rose. :<)

Joseph said...

Wonderful flower photo. So pretty.

Goodness is a great word of the week. If we dwell on darkness, it gets stronger and vice versa. Think about goodness as much as possible.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This beautiful, perfect flower just seems to capture the whole feeling of what is good.
Goodness is a wonderful word to reflect on.

There is so much good in our world as you say.
We need to hold on to this knowledge.

Wishing you a lovely July!
Your friend,

Sue said...

The color of that flower - a Peony?? - is exquisite!

Thanks for your note about the captcha on my sunflower roots blog. I’ll have to fix that – I had actually entirely forgotten that I had those security words. I too have great difficulty with them.

The shoes were seen on a lovely windy road near my home that has lots of traffic between two small towns. There’s no indication that there was an accident or anything untoward – only two shoes. I had driven by in one direction several days ago and not noticed them, but when I came back a few hours later there were these men’s running shoes as described in the poem. My guess is either that they were simply accidentally lost perhaps from the back of a pick-up truck moving belongings (one sees that rather often around here), or perhaps thrown out a window by an ebullient young person in a celebratory mood (also not uncommon).

Sue - enjoy your time "off" in July.

Dianne said...

the flower is stunning

I think a lot about kindness which I suppose comes from goodness

enjoy your break

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, Oh so true about what we dwell on. I've seen it happen, many times, for good and for bad. So much better to give our attention and energy to light and goodness.

Hi Brenda, Very true, on all counts.

Hi Sue, It's a begonia actually, a very large one. I thought they looked so lovely, there was a bunch of them planted in a planter downtown, where I took this pic. Thanks for the heads up re: your post. It made me wonder...

Hi Dianne, It's been very hot here so I haven't been getting as much done so far as I had hoped. But it's only the 1Oth I've got a while to go. LOL

Thanks for stopping in. It's after 1 AM here and still warm so I'm just taking a quick blog tour. Here's to cooler days on the way, I hope!

Happy July, G

Cathy said...

This song came to mind when I was reading your post. Love the flower by the way!

Quiet Paths said...

What a most beautiful rose. I love your thoughts here.

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