Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Warming the Soul: My Version of Black Bean Soup's a chilly one, here today in Interior BC.
I just posted this recipe for my version of Black Bean Soup over at my cooking blog and thought I'd share it here too. I'm making this for supper tonight along with Cornbread Scones.
When it comes to " "nurturing" and "warming the soul" is there anything better (especially on a cold day) than a big, steaming bowl of... oh, so satisfying soup? Right up at the top of my list!!! ;<)
What's on the menu at your place this weekend?
Have a Wonderful  Week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Week of Small Miracles

I've had quite a week here. A week of small miracles....
On Tuesday morning, I had a feeling of my heart racing, sweaty palms, nausea....and so I "bit the bullet" so to speak and headed off (with Joe) to the Emergency at our local hospital.
Good news, it wasn't a heart attack. The "racing heart" and nausea got traced back to a cup of coffee I'd drunk on an empty stomach, something I don't normally do. I did find out that my heart and lungs are in good shape but I do need to get back to more exercise (which I already know). I'm not one for visiting doctors on a regular basis so it was great to find out in this round about way that my heart is in good condition, blood work good, lungs too.
After this scary "episode" I've decided to kick the caffeine habit altogether so I've been suffering through some withdrawal symptoms: headache big time after the first day without caffeine but I think the worst is behind me know. I actually feel better without it! I'm rather proud of myself for taking this step as I've been enjoying coffee for a LONG time and never thought I'd be giving it up. But it is a drug and it is something I can do without.
While I was lying in the hospital that day, it struck me what a miracle our bodies are. All the systems that work together to keep us going and try to keep us well. A miracle that's for sure. I was so glad to go home that afternoon but it was a wake-up to once again commit myself to getting fitter, cutting back a bit on calories and showing my body the respect it deserves, in all ways.
I also found out about an amazing book called the MindBody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno featured in this clip on the TV program: 20/20 from a few years ago. I've been trying this approach for about a week now for an ongoing ankle issue I've had that flares up, off and on. It really works! The pain in my ankle is almost gone already (amazing but true) and I am able to exercise and walk more freely than I have in a very long time.
I've always believed that the connection of our mind and body is key to our health and well-being. But this doctor takes it to a new level, relating so many pain issues back to repressed anger and other emotional issues. All I know is that it's a harmless approach and for me it's working well. For thousands of other people too, based on this report.
Miracles can happen in the most unexpected ways, can't they? :<)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mr. Cheddar, JJ and Ched's missing beret!!!

You might remember this photo and post from a while back, featuring Mr. Cheddar looking oh so handsome in his new knit beret!
A beret that only stayed on his head just long enough to take that (rather shakey) photo above!!!
Anyhow, it seems that another member of the family had "designs" on this hat:
That's right. JJ the Sock Monkey recently decided that this beret should not go to waste. Also, with the winter coming soon, perhaps JJ felt the need for a bit of headgear for himself. LOL
But, lo and behold, shortly after these pics of JJ were taken, Mr. Cheddar promptly went up and knocked the hat off JJ head in protest!!! Go figure. It was soooo funny to watch.
You can't have it both ways Ched. I made the hat for you but....if you aren't going to wear it, maybe it's time to learn the joy of sharing!
Hope these critters (real and not so real) bring a smile to your day! :<)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Many Reasons to Be Thankful

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.
There is always much to be thankful for, in spite of the challenges that life presents.
I am grateful for many good people in my life, good health, living in a free country, free speech, the abilities I have....always so many reasons to be thankful. Sometimes it helps to take a minute and consider them all; especially on those difficult days....
I wish you a week filled with all kinds of blessings. :<)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rest Awhile...

Rest awhile.
Far from the struggles and strains of life.
Find that place and seal it in your heart.
To pause; retreat to.
Where grace always dwells.

Rest awhile.
Put back the smile.
Somewhere lost.
Now: softly, silently returned.

Rest awhile.
A beacon in the dark.
Sheltered, nurturing.
Safe and sublime.
Rest awhile.
Treasured moments.
Tranquil dawns.
May your tomorrows.
Outlive life’s storms.
This one's for you Lorraine. I hope you have a much better week. Hugs, G
“Rest Awhile…” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman
Photo courtesy of Flickr 
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