Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ched at Chow Time, the Video!!!

My first attempt at videos woo hooo... Mr. Cheddar in (in)action. LOL

I was trying to get him to do his fabulous "vib-ro-tail" routine, it is soooooooooooooo funny. He shakes his tale really, really fast when he is waiting for the kibbles to be poured BUT only when he wants to. That day, well you guessed it, nada, no way, no matter how much coaxing I did. Even the camera strap dangling didn't work, again only when "his majesty" wants too!!!

I hope you enjoy this Ched debut video and DO share any tips, how-to's for filming videos with a regular digital camera, if you have any suggestions. I used the default settings. I know this isn't the best picture quality (better viewed in the small window, not full screen btw) but even so, isn't Mr. Cheddar just the cutest? I am such a proud Meowmie LOL, no matter what he does or doesn't do! 

Wishing You a Very Happy Day from Me and Video Ched!!!


Lorraine said...

He is so adorable, I love him, I've never tried I video, cats they're too smart theyknow exactly what you want and they refuse to do it lol,but great try and it's so nice to see him...so tiny

Joseph said...

That's our Big Boy Ched! Lorraine, he's far from tiny. He seems to be saying: dish out the kibble and forget the vibro-tail routine.

Teri C said...

Oh, too cute. I think the Ched is pretty disgusted with that camera, just bring on the food and quit teasing. Love that tail wagging at the camera. What a guy!!

Margie said...

So cute!
So cute!

Selma said...

He is just such a beautiful cat, G, and you can see how intelligent he is. I really want to see the vibrotail - you'll just have to have the camera at the ready so you can catch it. Haha.

Luv ya, Mr. Ched. You are number ONE!!!!

Mr. Cheddar said...

Greetings oh feline fans. Yes, You are correct Ms. Teri, I WAS disqusted by this obvious waste of time, waiting for my vibro-tail routine (as Meowmie calls it,snort) I will shake my tail in any way that I like, when I like!!!!

Anyhoo, thanks for the comments folks and Lorraine, I am definitely NOT tiny! Snort.

The one and only Cheddar, Celebrity Blogger

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, That's our Ched! They certainly do what they want to, when they want to, I agree. I love seeing the feline action over at your blog too!

Hi Joe, Here, here!

Hi Teri, As you can see below, you are definitely on Ched's "tail-length" regarding the kibble. LOL

Hi Margie, Not much action on this but he is a cutie, I do agree!

Hi Sel, I will try, it is really a hoot but I don't know...Ched's on to this now he probably won't do it again for a long while. LOL

Hi Ched, Oh Cheddar.....

Happy Mid-Week, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Chedster, You were right to refuse to perform this tail wiggle thing, for the video.
BTW what a marvelous fluffy tail you possess!
Yours in feline solidarity,
Herb and Art

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I'd been wanting to look at this video> I'd noticed it one day at the bottom of a post, and then didn't look, and have been waiting for it to come by again. :)

Hmmm, isn't it so true that cats just won't do the cute thing, just when we are ready. I like how Ched looks in his bowl, as though to show you that it's time to just feed him, and forget the camera.

I didn't realize he is more of a medium haired cat with his lovely fluffy tail. for some reason he DOES look small in this video, probably because of the perspective. As usual, I can't get over the sweetness in his face.

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