Sunday, August 7, 2011

Word of the Week: Listen

To listen.
To truly and totally....
How often do we think:
it’s the other person’s fault.
They aren’t listening.
They refuse to “tune us in”.
Shutting out what they don’t want to hear.
Or choose to ignore.
But it’s  always a "two-way street".
This listening game.
A lifelong pursuit
 of perfected and harmonious communication.
Can it be achieved?
Is it something that we can sustain?
The answer: to be found in the words from our lips.
Or, from the ears that selectively hear.
To listen.
To REALLY listen.
Worth the effort.
To be there.
Fully engaged.
In the moment and the meaning.
Can you hear it?
GHH/2009/revised 2011
Something that I continue to work on and remind myself of. Being fully engaged and focused on the words and meaning, when listening to another person. Noting body language too.
I hope you enjoy the poem.

PS: On another unrelated topic...if you happen to be "drowning" in garden zucchini right now, you might enjoy this recipe post over at my cooking blog: It's Zucchini Time Again. Some popular recipes to help to put a "dent" in the harvest!!!!
Photo courtesy of Flickr


Lorraine said...

A fantastic reminder, to really listen, I've been at that end, both ways, when your mind is too busy to find ways to react to what is being said, that in the end, you haven't heard anything at all...biggest misunderstand arise form forming ideas while another speaks...atta girl, hugs

sandy said...

Something I need to work on. Thanks!

Teri C said...

Wonderful advice. My husband needs to read this, he has selective hearing. lol
Love the poem.

Joseph said...

Excellent poem. Working on being a good listener is good advice for everyone.

Selma said...

It's true. Listening is an art. It takes a while to perfect it. Many, many people just can't do it. Great poem!

Margie said...

Love the poem!
Wonderful advice!

G, did you get my email, I sent you my address.
Please let me know.

Margie x

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I know what you mean, about being at both ends. And I certainly agree about misunderstandings too.

Hi SandyL, We all can hone our listening skills I think, it's a process...

Hi Teri, LOL, glad you liked the poem. Maybe your husband would enjoy reading it too?

Hi Joe, I agree!

Hi Sel, It is an art, isn't it? Worth working on I think.

Hi Margie, Ill check about the email and the address, I'm not sure if yours arrived when I looked last. Still waiting for a few to come.

Hugs, G

Margie said...

G, I'll try again.
I sent the email to last Wed.
Is that the right email?

I'll try again.

Margie x

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I enjoyed this poem, Ger.

Listening is so important, and can make a world of difference to our relationships and communication.

Something I need to work on certainly.

I also like the photo you have used here.


Geraldine said...

Hi Margie, Address received, thank you! Still waiting on a couple as of this morning and then it's time to start packing prizes!

Hi Brenda, I love this photo, found it on Flickr. some very strange "ear" photos over there LOL to pick from. I'm glad you enjoyed this poem. I also need to work on listening. One of the things I like about email, having a record to go back and consider a online conversation, after the fact. I'm not a phone kind of person, I dislike talking on the phone for the most part actually. In person, there's where I really need to work on the focus issues, I'm trying though!

Happy Thursday, G :<)

Susie Clevenger said...

Listen...I don't seem to do it enough..and it hurts when I need someone to listen and there is no one...great piece!

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