Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If Your To-Do List....

....has a lot of boring, tedious tasks that just keep getting put back for yet another day, you might find this post over at the Positivity Blog useful. I find so many "gems" over at Henrik's blog; this was another one.

I am swamped with projects and tasks (now and it seems always!) and getting to the boring ones doesn't seem to happen often enough. It's so great to check them off the list though, when they are completed. I think the suggestions in this post are really going to help. I hope you find them useful too. Let me know and also any other suggestions you have that work for you!

On the other hand....When it comes to fun tasks I never tire of baking and cooking. Here's a new Spelt Bread recipe redo I just posted over at Veggies, Yarns & Tails.

Oh so Yummmmy...and definitely not boring!  Happy Tuesday! :<)


Joseph said...

I can vouch for the bread, it's so good. I want more!

Lorraine said...

I don't cook or bake but always look forward to buying some lol in my to-do list is finding my path ;)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This was an interesting link, thanks so much Ger!
I have chosen to subscribe to The Positivity Blog, as I think there are some gems of wisdom there.

I do keep an ongoing list, and a separate today list, and check off on both as I accomplish what I need and want to do. (I think I may be what used to be referred to as a Type A personality, and am pretty goal orientated. :), then I sometime choose to eliminate items if they've been on my ongoing list too long, as maybe they are outdated, or not interesting.

This vacation I did clean my closets, and give away clothing and other items, I haven't actually worn for the last 2 years, or so. That was something I'd wanted to do for awhile, and felt good about!

I do prefer to put my feet up and read, more than almost anything else!

Good post!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I did want to comment about your new choice of colour and design here at Take a Happy Break, I really like the 4 leaf clovers, and the gorgeous shade of green. It's refreshing and cheerful to look at!
I also enjoyed your slide show of the beautiful greens - I didn't know your favourite colour was green. It's the colour I have predominate in my furnishing at home, as I find it calming on my eyes.
I just wanted to add this,

sandy said...

There is a lot of good ideas on that blog.
I make a list in the morning, and check it several times during the day.

If possible, I always do the crummy jobs first, and yes, having the radio on helps!

Teri C said...

That is a great link! As for making lists.....yup...all my life and it is so much fun crossing things off that sometimes I will put a chore on that is already done, so I can cross it off. Lol

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, LOL!!! It's hard to stop at one slice, I agree.

Hi Lorraine, Good plan but not baking or cooking, how is that possible dear L?

Hi Brenda, Thanks for the compliments re: the presentation here, I love green so it's a good fit for me. And yes, reading is always a great way to pass the time.

Hi SandyL, Get the crummy ones out of the way first, I admire that. I try to do that too but it doesn't always happen.

Hi Teri, I get so much from stopping in over at Henrik's blog, a lot of very helpful info. I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

Happy Wednesday, G :<)

Margie said...

I need to make a list more often as it helps a lot.
Great suggestions on that blog.
Good post, G.
Thank you!
Going now to check your recipe.


Selma said...

I am definitely going over there - my to do list is never-ending. I never get the chance to just sit down and relax!

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