Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daisy Haiku: Smiling Flower Faces!

I came upon this group of "smiling faces" :<) at the park recently.

Daisies really do make me smile!

 I hope this photo/haiku brings a smile to your day too.


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Lorraine said...

It brings pure pleasure to me, the truly beautiful smiles, my mom's name was Marguerite, which is French for Daisy, and she was the most gentle and loving mom...I swear to this day that no one has ever loved me as much...thanks for this oh How I needed it

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Your photo is wonderful, the daisies are so vivid, and even the shadows are crisp - and they are beautiful as well.
I really like the words you've written as well here.
The description of that time when we feel summer lingering is perfect.

Margie said...

G, thanks for the lovely post!
And, I'm smiling :)
Love those daises and haiku.

Wanted to come by early and wish you a wonderful day as I'm heading out now and won't be back for a while.


sandy said...

I agree, there is something very pleasant about daisies. They make me smile, too.

Selma said...

You can't get much cheerier than a daisy and that's the truth. I am grinning!!

Joseph said...

Lovely haiku. This was such a nice grouping of daisies. They are happy looking flowers.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I hope your week is getting better and better my dear, I know you had some challenges to deal with. Take care and thanks for sharing about your mom. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes, reading this.

Hi Brenda, Thanks Brenda. Summer is lingering and the nights are getting cooler while the days remain hot here.

Hi Margie, I always appreciate your visits, whenever you stop by. Hope it was a good day for you!

Hi SandyL, Smiley flowers, all kinds of daisies. I love the gerbera ones most of all though.

Hi Sel, We are online and blogging at the same time again Sel, how cool is that. Of course you are already in the next day, around noon I'm guessing. Isn't the internet a grand place?

Hi Joe, It was such a nice grouping I agree. I was glad I had the camera along to take a pic.

Happy Weekend (it's almost here) I'll be back on Sunday with another word of the week, G :<)

Teri C said...

Be still my heart. Oh those GORGEOUS daisies!!!!!! With the perfect haiku.

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