Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Cheddar's Got a Secret!

Mr. Ched, just a chillin....


Mr. Big Bug!

Mr. Big Bug under cover!


Too Big for Me Meowmie. Pleaaaasee...Make Him Go Away!

Although he may appear to be the strong, silent type, in reality, Mr. Cheddar is kind of a wimp when it comes to bigger (ie: more than 1/2 inch long)  bugs!

He jumps back out of their way, when they jump or move LOL, Tooooo funny.

So there's Ched's secret "bug-o-phobia " revealed.

When it came to fearless though, here's another story....

My dear little Mitzi (click to see a beautiful photo tribute).

Many of you will probably remember Mitzi from my other blogs. She was such a tiny, delicate, little cat but in spite of that she loved to  go and get big, UGLY grasshoppers out in the yard and either bring them to the back door as a "gift" or munch them with relish (yuuuuuuck!) I still remember the sound of that crunching!!!!

BTW, I did check with our excellent vet about bug-eating for cats. Apparently in moderation of course, it's ok! With Mr. Cheddar, no worries!


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Teri C said...

Oh Mr Chedman, you hide your secrets so well. I wonder what you would do if Sunshine swooped down on you. Lol

You are the MAN!

We love when you come visiting. And we are waiting for an Animal Wednesday appearance.

Hugs to you and your Meowmie.

Lynn said...

Very cute!!! Love orange kitties. Had one for fourteen years!
Thanks for coming to visit my blog today!!! Hope you'll come again.

Teri C said...

YEAH!!!!! Mr Ched came to Animal Wednesday!!!

Head bonks to you Chedman!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Mr. Ched you're a real cutie! Good for you - you're not ashamed to show you're vulnerable takes a real man to admit his fears...Headbonks from Herbert and Arthur!!!!

Mr. Cheddar said...

Greetings Ms. Teri, Ms. Lynn, Ms. Brenda and her felines and all humanoids in the feline lover/bug hater category.

I am happy to join the Animal Wednesday prompty-thingy.I love seeing critters of all kinds, especially in photos when they are very big critters!

The bug shown in this post was actually MUCH bigger than it looks here, in reality. I am a fearless feline for the most part.

Ohhhh...except for the big green bird I mentioned Ms. Teri, over at your blog, that critter did give me the willies!

If I could only take a photo of Meowmie today, looking oh so silly and oh so goofey in her hair thingamagigeess (that's wrap curlers in human speak)she'd be so cheeeeeesed off if I could! Snort....

Have no fear, Ched is definitely here. Snort......

PS: About Sunshine and swooping Ms. Teri, yikes!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mr Cheddar certainly was interested in this bug. It is a good thing he left it alone. It probably tasted awful. How could anything black taste good?? Of course grasshoppers are a more delicious color. HAW. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

Mim said...

What a wonderful name! Mr. cheddar - we are happy to see you on animal Wednesday - bug or no bug.

Lovely blog and thanks for shopping by

Selma said...

That is too funny but I can hardly blame Mr. Ched - that is a pretty big bug. Great to hear about Mitzi too. She was fearless!

Geraldine said...

Hi Teri, He does indeedy, looking oh so cool and collected for the most part. Ched is thrilled that he was invited to participate at Animal Wed. or as he calls it Online Critter Day! Hugs to you and Sunshine.

Hi Lynn, Aren't they the best. I've always loved orange tabbies in particular, love them all really.

Hi Brenda, Ched sends back a headbonk to Herbert and Arthur too!

Hi Ched, Ohhhhh Ched, what a witty cat you are and rather cranky it appears today too. I'm glad I've got that camera under wraps!!!

Hi Lisa, Ched says that he would have definitely gone after a grasshopper and agrees with your observations, black bug NO, green bug YES LOL.

Hi Mim, What a great idea for a prompt and me and the Ched will definitely be back to visit again at your wonderful blog. Thanks for the kind words.

Hi Sel, I know you remember Mitz and cared about her too. I thought it was nice to be able to include this tribute, almost 2 years since she went to cat heaven...missed every day. Wasn't that amazing about visiting our blogs simultaneously last night? Cool!

One more mention re: Mr. Big Bug, he has been magnified here, just a bit!!! He wasn't really that big in reality, still scared the Ched though, no matter what he says!!!

Hugs to all, G :<)

Joseph said...

This is very funny. I don't think Cheddar thinks it's funny at all though. The bug is magnified here but not as much as Ched says.

We miss Mitzi every day but she is still with us in spirit. She was fearless.

Margie said...

Mr. Cheddar is awesome!
So enjoyed this post, G.

Margie x
P.S So sorry about Mitzi, off to see her now.

Lorraine said...

Oh he's so cute... this is hilarious, pray tell dear girl, when did I throw a temper tantrum? at you? impossible

SandyCarlson said...

I hope Mr. Cheddar worked his magic!

Cathy said...

My Mitzi who went to kitty heaven 3 years ago had a love hate relationship with the hair dryer. For years she would steathily creep up to watch us blow drying our hair, until one day hubby came up behind her as it was going, bent down to pat her and she shrieked and jumped straight up in the air, corkscrewed as she came down and took off like greased lightening! It was hilarious and after that she was never afraid of it again and would crawl all over us as we were drying our hair wanting the heat blown on her. Hubs takes full credit for curing her of that fear lol

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, Mr. Bug is rather big looking in this pic but not in reality eh? We'll never get the Ched to admit that though. LOL. And yes, our dear little Mitz was such a "tiny terror" fearless indeed.

Hi Margie, So very kind of you to leave a comment over at Mitz's tribute post too. It's almost 2 years now, I tear up even more thinking about her, when August rolls around. She was one special little kitty. Never forgotten.

Hi Lorraine, Mystery of the tantrum solved, whewwwww...And the Ched says, thanks so much L!

Hi SandyC, A magical trick indeed, now we see the bug, now we don't LOL

Hi Cathy, Ahhh..another Mitzi, how touching to read this. I hope those two met up in cat heaven. Hair dryers and cats, I've heard about quite a few cats who like them,all the ones I had haven't though.

Happy Week, G :<)

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