Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Box Finds. Oh What Fun!

I must admit, for a long, long time I was rather a snob when it came to books that I would own/read. I wanted shiny brand new ones or in a pinch, I would borrow for the library as a last resort. But buy, buy, buy...that was my book mantra for many years.

Well, I've changed in that respect and not just about books. Now, I get a real kick out of finding a thrift store "gem" of any kind, including books, clothes, jewelry...and it has a lot to do with thinking about the history of any particular item, especially when it comes to books. I love reading the inscriptions in books, consider the time that older books were written and the social "norms" of that era.What influenced the author to write the book that they did.So much to ponder and consider, over and above the book content itself.

The pile of books in the photo above is what I recently dug out of our library free bin. I hit book-gold that day!

And yes, I do add books/clothes to free boxes myself and on a regular basis. Love to do that.I hope my "discards" go on to be read and worn again and again too.

Everything old can be new again! After a thorough airing in the sun for books. A wash and mend for clothing, natch!!

Giving a new life to usable items and yet another read to a great book. It's all good!

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Lorraine said...

That's fabulous G. I am exactly like you, a treasure hound, I love every special second of finding something that is magical...they who are tired of them call it junk, bring it on people I love my treasures lol

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

These are great finds, Geraldine. Happy reading!

Teri C said...

I used to be like you, buying books and then keeping them, until I moved a few times, then I decided to use the library more and now the only time I buy a book is on my iPad.
You really got some great treasures.

Joseph said...

I think it's a great idea to search free bins for books and other items and then add some in return. Someone else can enjoy what you know longer need. These look like good books.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I totally agree. Trash to treasures!

Hi Brenda, Good books always great finds, I agree. The Sea Around Us is just wonderful! I'm reading that one first.

Hi Teri, You are very progressive Teri, with your artwork too, a techie whiz on top of all the other things you excel at.

I actually tried out a reader from our local bookstore but it wasn't for me. The smaller amount of print on each page meant I was "flipping" to the next page almost constantly. I'm a very fast reader and still prefer books for so many reasons. But I think readers are a great idea and so much paper saved, that's awesome too.

Hi Joe, It is great to keep the cycle going, isn't it? That day was a real "haul". LOL

Happy Thursday, G

SandyCarlson said...

Awesome stuff there, Geraldine! You done good!

Tammie Lee said...


i love finding treasures used or free or inexpensive. Library is the best, borrow and return. I remember a time when my mother invited all to write on the walls. I wrote two things, one was : use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do with out. Some how this seems to go along with what you have shared here.

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