Thursday, August 18, 2011

My (Happy) Novel Update and a ?? too

You may remember this previous post from July about my long-time wish/goal to write a novel. And the progress I had made up to that point, working on this book every week day.

I am happy to share that I now have over 120 pages completed! And what's even better, since I started typing the hand-written pages I have so far, it appears that the typed page counts are more than I had anticipated they would be. I had been guesstimating  about 2 written pages would equal 1 typed page. Well, the reality is, the pages are almost equal, given margins and double-spacing in the manuscript format I am using. I am thrilled with the amount (and not to brag, quality) of work I've accomplished so far! And oh what fun it's been...with the story is unfolding in unexpected ways (don't they always) as I continue to write. The process of working on this long-time book goal is even more gratifying, now that I have decided to continue on the computer instead of writing in long hand.

My question: I am using Word 2010 for the manuscript right now. I have chosen a book manuscript template, which has margins set appropriately etc. What I don't know how to do (and haven't been able to find out) is how to put each chapter into a separate folder?

The first chapter came up after the title page but beyond that, I don't know how to go about setting up each chapter of my book so that I can access them by clicking on a particular chapter/sub folder tab. The first chapter automatically showed up as a sub folder on the left side of the screen. I'm fairly well versed in all things Word, but I can't seem to figure this one out.

Any ideas/suggestions? I have searched online and on Microsoft help and tutorial pages, to no avail. If you can help, it would be most appreciated.

Happy Writing! :<)


Lorraine said...

Atta Girl Author, I'm so impressed, heck I wish I could help you, I can't even add pages number ....but it's new now no long word perfect, which I had no problems with but Microsoft, darn If I can put more than page 1...but I'm sure someone has the ability and will hopefully clarify things for you...How passionate we are when a story just flows as it is meant to xxx

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I can't help you with any technical suggestions, but can only applaud!
Congrats; good work; way to go; and I'm so happy for you; so exciting!!!!
I am interested to hear that you are transtioning to writing directly on the computer. I always wondered if my favourite authors wrote long hand first, or directly on the computer, and have read accounts of writers who do either/or. I'll have to look at your July post, now as I missed it.
take care,

Margie said...

I'm so thrilled for you!
Sorry but I know nothing about Word!

See you when I get back to blogging!
I shall miss you as you are so kind to me!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I am so impressed.

Wish I knew how to help you.

Teri C said...

Yeah!! That is so exciting and wonderful. I knew you could do it and I am so proud of you.

I have a Mac so can't help either.

Hugs to the author. I hope Ched is duly impressed also.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, Word 2010 is jam-packed with new goodies but the help functions, still leave a lot to be desired. I had a computer savvy friend trying to figure this out yesterday, nada...and it's such a basic for this template. I will keep looking. Thanks for your continued encouragement L, so appreciated.

Hi Brenda, Thank you! I think it's going to be even more enjoyable to be able to actually see the progress I'm making, in a proper format. I'm still waiting for the Scrivener launch for Windows in the meantime, the Word manuscript is a step up from my chicken scratch pages LOL.

Hi Margie, You are so going to be missed my dear but happy trails. And enjoy the Maritimes, a part of Canada I am yet to visit. I didn't know you were from Canada!

Hi SandyL, Thanks Sandy. I was hoping your hubby might know about this one, he sounds like he is very computer savvy and also a writer. Let me know.

Hi Teri, Thanks friend. Ched is only impressed with his own work and that of other felines...oh well, something to strive for I guess, for me LOL.

Hugs, G

Anonymous said...

see my email

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Geraldine. That is excellent progress. You must be so pleased. I don't know how to solve your Word problem, I'm afraid. Have you managed to sort it out?

Anonymous said...

It's me, long lost and still on the mend... hope all is well with you and yours! Happy New Year! Hope your novel is coming along, sounds like it. Just taking a few moments to catch up here and there....RaeDi

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