Sunday, November 27, 2011

Word of the Week: Pamper


Why is it often so difficult to allow ourselves (women in particular) to be truly pampered
To enjoy a "spa day". To buy a new outfit that we don't really need, but love. To make ourselves first priority. To "indulge" in a "R and R"  day?

I don't know the answer but I do know from what I've read, heard and seen that this is the case for millions of women around the world.

For myself in recent years, pampering has definitely "taken a backseat" almost completely; for a number of reasons. But lately, I've been re-thinking this and trying to find ways to treat myself a bit more, even if it's only in small ways, throughout each week.

Soaking in a warm tub of bubbles....ah bliss. Applying night cream for a change, not just washing my face with soap and calling it a day. Enjoying a foot rub. Having a glass of good organic red wine with dinner.....little things that can add up to feeling special and nurtured.

It really can make a difference and not just at the time!

Speaking of soaking in the tub...I recently tried an excellent product that I received as a gift:

Applied after a shower or bath, this stuff is "bliss in a bottle".  Perhaps a good way to start your own "pamper project" ? :<)  You can read my full review here.

I hope you make/take/find the time for some pampering, this week and to make it a part of life on a continuing basis.

We all deserve to be pampered. It's nothing to feel guilty about.
And the dishes can always wait! LOL

Have a Wonderful Week.

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sandy said...

Good idea!
You know what it is, though? Most people live such fast paced lives, that they can't take time.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I like your idea of finding small ways to enjoy some quiet; or a delicious food, or wine; or some nurture for the body, such as bubble baths, and rubs, etc.
It doesn't take alot in the way of time, or money, really to give yourself a little boost.
I am planing to look for this body oil, it sounds really nice.
I think especially for some people in the coming holiday season, when there may be stress with shopping, or working in the retail industry; and various family, and social functions, that finding some small ways to destress, is a valuable self help tool.
One of my routines to start the day, is to wake up earlier than I need to and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, and some reading time.
Then I'm usually prepared for the day!
This is a good post, and good idea!
Have a great week,

Joseph said...

Excellent post. You deserve to be pampered, I totally agree. Do flowers count?

Ed Pilolla said...

i often have to remind myself to enjoy something like a shower instead of working through my cleaning routine as efficiently as possible. sad but true:)

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyL, I agree but I do think making the time for some little "treats" throughout the week is important. Kind of like "stopping to smell the roses".

Hi Brenda,I also think it's nice to have a good way to start the day, to prepare for what needs to be done etc, and to take some "me" time, before the demands of our time take over. Very good advice Brenda.

Hi Joe, Flowers count and how! One of my fav treats, as you already know.

Hi Ed, You do so much for other people, based on what I read over at your blog; a bit of "Ed" time and pampering is definitely in order! You've earned it.

Here's to a great week, G :<)

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, wow, yes. Thanks, Geraldine.

Work has me so busy...Thanks for slowing me down!

miss pie said...

so glad to have taken the time to stop by. say hello, howaryuh... i like this word of the week prompt... pamper, yes, thank you... i do need to do that... stop, slow, listen.. or not... it's hard i'm not a bath sorta gal...

Margie said...

Missed this post and glad I'm here now as I'm going to take a nice bubble bath as soon as I leave here.
It's been a stressful day and I know I'll feel better after a little 'pampering'

Thank you G for the reminder.
Great post!

Happy weekend!

Margie x

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyC, So nice to see you again. Hope things settle down soon. Sounds like you really need some pamper time! :<)

Hi Ms. Pie, There's all sorts of ways to pamper ourselves. Even little things like putting on some hand lotion, adding a bit of wine to dinner etc, it doesn't have to be anything about a bath, I just love this photo!

Hi Margie, Me too, re: the stressful day. Way too stressful.Here's to a much better weekend ahead ok!

Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Geraldine,
I've been meaning to comment on your new look here for some time. This is a wonderful shade of orange, and now I see you also have a new pattern/design along the side background, which is really nice!
I left you a comment over at MRLR, because I also really like your "falling snow" - how wonderful!

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