Sunday, November 13, 2011

Word of the Week: Break

" I love Paris in the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall...."

Ahhhh..... Monsieur Cheddar; you are tres handsome

Doesn't he look dashing?

 I made him this little beret recently and it was no small feat, getting a couple of pics of him, wearing it. A bit of "camera shake" trying too!!! He prefers chewing on it! LOL

We are all so in need of a break here. For many reasons (a lot of them beyond our control) it's been years since Joe and I have had any vacation, long or short. And we all do need a break, don't we? To regroup, re-energize, relax.... I hope one is possible soon.

I've also been thinking about all the ways that the word "break" can be a positive in life.

Some that came to mind:

-getting a break
-break free
-break loose
-a breakthrough
-break away
- a break from the ordinary/tradition/convention
-take a break
-gimme a break!

and of course!!!

-Take A Happy Break

Wishing you a wonderful week.
And do take plenty of breaks. You deserve them!<)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hmmm...Yes Ched we really like this hat...what did your Meowmie call it(?) ...oh right, "beret", really you look very handsome, and the colour is a good one for you. (We do hope this doesn't give B any ideas, as she's had the yarn out, working on kid's scarves.)
Seriously, if you want any good suggestions for hiding places ask Arthur - but it does look good, don't get us wrong!!!
Love and Headbonks!!
H and A
P.S. We promise to never mention this photo again!

sandy said...

He looks sharp! Did you downsize the pattern to fit his head, or is there a special cat beret pattern?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Here are a few more sayings using the word "break" -
- a coffee break,
- a rest break,
- a break in the weather,
- breakfast
- windbreak(er); windbreak
- break of day
- break from routine...

It does sound like you are wishing for a break from routine.
I hope you will find the kind of break you are wishing for.

Thank you for the happy break today, and the cute picture of dear Ched. He did well to sit for this picture!

As well, he looks very handsome!

Teri C said...

Don't tell Chedman but I was laughing like crazy when I saw this pix and imagined how difficult it must have been to get him to hold still.

Between you and Brenda I think you got all the 'breaks'. Break is certainly a well used word.

Joseph said...

We all need a break from our regular routines. This is a good word to dwell upon, in so many ways. Monsieur Ched looks tres cool. He shouldn't be cranky about wearing this hat, it suits him.

Mr. Cheddar said...

Greetings A and H, Yes, do get busy hiding that yarn, especially if you have a human-proofed location that is secure!!! You never know when your Mom might get busy making you both some crazy hats. Toques perhaps to ward off that Prairie chill. me the willies, just to think of it. Meowmie better not try putting this hat on my head again or I will be chewing more than just this beret-thingey! Headbonks.

Hi SandyL, Downsize indeedy. I'd like to downsize this hat to fit a small troll doll. Pray tell, do you remember those beauties Meowmie is ancient and she apparently owned a family of those at one time.

Hi Auntie Teri, Laughing at me!!! How can that be. Yes, of course the hat is ridiculous but is it funny, I think not. Ask the Sunshine bird for a second opinion, ok! Let me know.

Hi Pawmie, Ok, ok I know I'm handsome. It has NOTHING to do with the hat. And remember, I need a break too so any vacation plans I am so onboard! Ahoy humanoids!!!!

Headbonks and Chiao for Now,

The Ched, Celebrity Blogger (not a Frogger) snortttttttttttttt....

Teri C said...

Oh My dear sweet nephew, I wasn't laughing at you but rather that stylish hat you wear.
Now I can't get Sunshine to stop laughing and she wants a hat just like yours., just because she is your cousin she thinks she has the same privilege.

Bongo said...

Mr. Cheddar, you are beautiful in that beret. Do you get to play with the leftover yarn?

rumpydog said...

I get a break once a week when I go to doggie daycare. Jen says she's with you on that needing a break.

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, I think you felines would look tres chic, "sporting" your own berets. Brenda, it's so easy to make these, if you crochet at all. Just crochet a circle to the right size and then a couple of rows decreasing for the brim. Cheddar is happy for the solidarity btw!

Hi SandyL, As I've explained, just an easy circle crochet and then a bit of decreasing to complete. it is kinda a cat beret pattern, I guess LOL.

Hi Teri, Ched is pleased that you were laughing at the hat, not him wearing it. It's not really funny if he isn't wearing it though! I think Sunshine would look wonderful with a little hat. Maybe a bonnet type for her, I can see it now.

Hi Joe, I'm with you, a break can't come to soon. Long overdue. I think we've earned one and then some...

Hi Mr. Cheddar, You are such a cutie, it doesn't matter what you wear or not. You're still the coolest kitty we know. I've put away the hat for now too so you can chill on more pics!

Hi Bongo, Mr. Cheddar had a yarn pulling session this aft. actually. I was TRYING to knit some squares for a blanket I've been making for ages already. Chedster had other plans sigh....

Hi RumpyDog, Oh Doggie Daycare, that sounds like fun. Jen, I couldn't agree more. A good word to contemplate and visualise this week, I think.

Happy Week everyone, G :<)

Lorraine said...

Oh yes il est tres tres handsome ;)

SandyCarlson said...

That beret is a hoot. So well done. That lovely cat. I have renamed Clyde to Clyde E. Cheddar. Your cat and my dog may be relatives.

Margie said...

Oh, so dashing in the beret!
Great post, I'll still on my break as I really do need it!



Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there Ched,
I just thought I'd let you know there are some slightly embarrasing pictures of me posted at my blog, featuring some hats. Just so you won't feel alone.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I agree "tres" handsome (I don't know the french word for handsome LOL).

Hi SandyC, Ched is shocked by the possibility of being related to a DOG but secretly I think he kinda likes it too! He and Clydester are both cheese-lovers, that's a good start eh!!! Thanks for the chuckle.

Hi Margie, I hope you're feeling a lot better by now. Take care. Glad you enjoyed this post.

Hi Brenda, We will stop by soon.

It finally snowed here, looking so white and pretty out there, love it!

Happy Thursday, G

Mr. Cheddar said...

Thank you again for all the humans who stopped in. I could use some hat solidarity from the felines out there though, even the canines would do!!! I wouldn't feel so silly about wearing this goofey hat, if I did! Crochet anyone??? Cheddar is always better snort...

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you get all the lucky breaks you can!

Dianne said...

he is indeed a handsome fellow :)
and as all cats are, he is quite sophisticated

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi Ched,
We have some terrible news. B is making very small scarves, too small for kids - even we can tell that. And she even is mentioning - what about a litle one with a ruffle effect, and pink for a certain "cousin" of yours, and it is just boggling our very sophisticated, and superior feline minds.
Have you ever heard of such nonsense.
Herbert and Arthur
(Oh, we almost forgot - Headbonks and High 4's!)

Mr. Cheddar said...

Thank you dearest SandyC. You are a good humanoid to know and yes, the owners and I definitely need a real break here!

Ms. Dianne, you are a very observant and wise woman. Thank you for your lovely compliment. Of course, I already knew that I was oh so handsome but one can never get enough by way of compliments (or kibbles!!!) Snort....

Herbert and Arthur, make the escape before it's too late. And PINK!!! Shocking. Do not let this get out of hand, make that paw. These humans and their crafts, it must be stopped. Draw a line in the litter!! Yours in feline solidarity.

The Ched, Fearless Bug Warrior and hatless by choice. Snort....

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