Sunday, June 26, 2011

Word of the Week: Key

Throw Away the Key
Release the burdens, bearing down.
Throw away the heavy, tarnished key.
Breathe in fresh clean, life-restoring air.
Expand and color, long lost dreams.
Forgotten, fallen and frayed.
Left for dead, in disrepair.
Often it takes a lifetime.
To see a wrong made right.
But the light will prevail.
It is there, always.
The Truth and Beauty.
That spurs our good works on.
Even in times of total and utter despair.
Savor the scents of early spring.
Revel in the shimmering Van Gogh skies.
While buds slowly appear.
Reminding and restoring us.
Harbingers to sunlight and hope unfurling.
Throw away the key.
Cast off the dark days.
The murky mire cast by evil ways.
The gift of Joy.
Finally restored and rightfully ours.
The sunlit path awaits.
A journey beckons, without end.
GHH/ 2009

We all need to find the courage to "turn the key" and let the fresh air and thoughts in at times.
Here's to a week filled with new discoveries, opportunities and finding the "perfect" inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Flickr
Link to original poetry post with reader's comments.


Lorraine said...

oh G that is so inspiring, I felt it the moment I started reading I knew it could, wow you're awesome.....

Lorraine said...

How do I submit my happiness is...? 'cause I alreadyknow what I'm saying? or do we enter it on your July 2 post?

sandy said...

This was definitely worth a repost!

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, You are so kind, thank you! I re-read this poem and I felt the sentiments all over again, in a rush actually. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I will have the contest post up on July 2nd, it's open til the end of July so make sure to stop by to enter then and of course, spread the word!

Hi Sandy, Glad you enjoyed it x2, I'm flattered you remembered this one from MPP.

Happy Sunday, the sun is finally shining just a bit here, yipee! G

Teri C said...

Beautiful advice and beautiful poem.

Margie said...

Loved this poem!
Thanks G.

Margie xx

Joseph said...

This is so true. Dwelling on negatives always bring us down. And brings more bad things into our lives. We do need to throw off the darkness, turn the key and head into the light. Good reminders.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lovely poem. Here's a limerick on the "key theme" I wrote back in April:

When you’re whipping your verse into shape
And are caught in a verse-challenged scrape,
The delete key is handy.
Assisted by brandy,
And last, but not least, try escape.

Creative Keys

Geraldine said...

Hi Teri, Thank you so much!

Hi Margie, Thanks Margie and a big hug back to you!

Hi Joe, I couldn't agree more!

Hi Madeleine, Ah, what a hoot! Love it! I have to be careful with that delete key though LOL.

Happy Week to everyone, G :<)

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful invitation from a wonderful angel!

Lorraine said...

my email is:

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