Sunday, June 12, 2011

Word of the Week: Contemplate



Taking the time to contemplate. Look before you leap. Haste makes waste... 

When you are an impulsive person like I am, contemplation doesn't always come easy!  
I like the second definition below. To meditate on or ponder.

Contemplation can take many forms.

 It's all good. And so worth the time too.

Do you find it easy to contemplate life's big decisions before you make them?



1. To look at attentively and thoughtfully.

2. To consider carefully and at length; meditate on or ponder: contemplated the problem from all sides; contemplated the mystery of God.

3. To have in mind as an intention or possibility: contemplate marriage; forced by the accident to contemplate retirement.
To ponder; meditate.
Definition source: The Free Dictionary


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Lorraine said...

I never made a decision that I didn't jump on immediately, then again I'll live with anything as long as it's my choice...contemplating, gosh i wish I could direct my reslesstness on that !

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely photo, I could walk right in, sit on the bench and contemplate...

Teri C said...

I love this word. Now if I could only do it. I tend to be way too impulsive.
This word reminds me of the book on Miramar beach.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful place to sit and think.
I guess I used to be more impulsive than I am not. Now I do more contemplating before I make a decision.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I hear ya! You've got a good attitude about being impulsive L, I like that. Unfortunately, I've regretted some of my more impulsive decisions along the way but what can you do. Live and learn I guess...

Hi Tammie, I've sat there many a time to just chill, crochet or knit, contemplate, sometimes have a conversation. It is a nice peaceful settting.

Hi Teri, I hear you too! Oh, I'm so glad you are reading Beachcombing at Miramar, I'm assuming you are from this comment. I've got Summer's Lease on the go again, laughing my way through it again, such fun!

Hi SandyL, I'm working on it too. I've learned the hard way that being impulsive when it comes to the "biggies" can have long term and not always good consequences. Thanks for the inspiration.

Happy Week, G :<)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Can I write haiku
about the word "contemplate"?
Must think about it.

While contemplating
your next step, pay attention
to where you are now.

A Limerick With Clout

Margie said...

Love the word contemplate!
I'm not nearly as impulsive as I used to be in my younger years.
Much better for me to be more of a contemplating nature!
Life is more serene for me when I'm not too impulsive!

Really liked this G, thank you!

Margie x

Margie said...

Oh, love your photo!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This does look like a wonderful spot to sit and ponder, with the wonderful scenery, and the almost hidden comfortable looking benches.

I wish I would have spent more time contemplating on descisions in the past - I now try to do this more often.
B :)

Geraldine said...

Hi Madelaine, A haiku about contemplation I like it! I'll look forward to reading that poem. And thanks for the excellent advice too, so true.

Hi Margie, I always thought (when I was younger) that too much consideration or contemplation was BORING. People who weighed the pros and cons, BORING! How wrong I was. Better to find out at some point in time though and make some changes. That's what I'm trying to do now. Thanks for the kind words Margie.

Hi Brenda, Me too Brenda, me too. But we can only change the future, right? I'm happy to see you online again, hope your computer is up and running again at home.

Happy Week and Hugs, G

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