Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Chuckle Courtesy of Mr. Cheddar

How do they always know...

I have yet to meet (or be owned) by any cat who doesn’t gravitate to black/dark clothing.

“Oh Meowmie, get a life!!!”

PS: It's almost time to put away the coats, capes etc...for another year. Yipee!

Thought you might enjoy seeing/re-visiting what Mr. Ched enjoys the most when it comes to dark colors and winter clothes!

Hugs and Headbonks from me and the Ched!


MullenAvenueWorkshop said...

Cute - and Mr. Ched is a very handsome boy!
Hope all of you have another nice day, and more spring weather.
It has been snowing steadily here since Monday morning - nice big fluffy snowflakes - I'm enjoying all your wonderful photos of signs of spring!
Hugs Geraldine and of course to Mr. Ched!

Teri C said...

Oh Mr Ched is the gold standard of 'all-knowing' cats.
LOL to his antics.

sandy said...

I have on wool socks and a flannel shirt. Spring seems far away today.

Mr Cheddar runs the house, doesn't he?

Geraldine said...

He is a very handsome boy, I do agree. I just noted yesterday that his eyes are the exact color of grass (he has cat grass to chew on!!!) Hope the "kids" at your place are having a good day and you too Brenda!

Hi Teri, Indeed. Ched says thanks Teri, even though you are a D-O-G lover, the Ched says you are one smart woman with a keen eye for feline-brilliance. He liked the all-knowing term a LOT.

Hi SandyL, Brrrr...that sounds chilly. I actually just got off the phone from a call to Maine. You are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous state, sounds wonderful. Love the photos you share from there.

Happy Tuesday and BFN, G

Geraldine said...

PS: Yes Sandy, the Ched is in charge, especially for morning wake-ups!!! LOL Do you have any pets?

SandyCarlson said...

Good fun, my friend! Thanks for these pix of the dudes!

(I owe you an email....I am so behind this week!)

Selma said...

If Mr. C isn't the most gorgeous cat in the world I don't know who is. What a beautiful boy!

Joseph said...

Our Ched does like black and dark colored clothing.But he's so special it doesn't really matter. It's kind of funny though. We have a lot of lint brushes.

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyC, Ched says thanks Auntie Sandy (can he call you that!!!) and says that Clyde is ok but he's still a D-O-G! He hasn't forgotten that post yet. LOL. I will await your email, thank you!

Hi Sel, And Ched says a big thank you to you too. He loves all the flattery and completely agrees with all the compliments about how gorgeous he is.

Hi Joe, That's our Ched!

Happy Week and BFN, G

Mr. Cheddar said...

I just noted this very observant comment from the lovely Sandy wearing the wool socks. How brilliant you are my dear. YES, I DO run the house and the kibble cupboard (when I can get at it!) thank you for sharing this.

And Ms. Teri, I AM the gold-standard of well, everything! Another asute commenter, such brainy humans stopping by here.

Ms. Brenda, a headbonk back to the kids at your place, ok!

Selma, I know you are one of my biggest fans and long-time too. I wuv you Sel!!!!Snort....

SandyC, Dude pix, rock on! What's the Clydster up to these days. Talk about cool dudes, and a DOG no less!

Pawmie, You don't mind all the cat hair do ya? It's in a lot more places than you might realise, snort, snort...

And Meowmie, I love you even though sometimes I don't meow it as much as I should. You are the bestest.


The Amazing Ched, Cat Celebrity Blogger

PS: I put these replies in random order just to be clever snort...

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