Friday, June 10, 2011

What Do Cats REALLY dream about?


How's this for a Sleeping Beauty?

No matter how many cat beds I've bought over the years, they always prefer a box and old blankie it seems.

Ched and I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Well I know he would, if he wasn't sleeping right now LOL


Lorraine said...

Hilarious aren't they mine are the same a box anytime, and yes I agree I bet they dream of Mice, strangely enough it's my sweetest, most loving cat (Sammi) that is the mouser in the family, yep she eats half , and makes sure to give me the other half as a present.awww, at least Mikey plays but doesn't eat them...and Kimmi, she just doesn't care oh heavens!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Ched looks so sweet sleeping, what a great photo, Ger!

I love his colouring (quite close to Herbert's).

Yep, Herbert and Arthur tend to sleep in several favourite spots, the doormat, a kitchen chair, my bed, the sofa, and sometimes Arthur will sleep in a small cat bed we have.

Wishing you a happy weekend, and headbonks from the 2 guys!


Teri C said...'re right Chedman, it'a a perfect day for a nap. It's cold and rainy here and you are warm and comfy. I bet he is dreaming of running with the wind....after mice.

Happy weekend to you also.

Margie said...

Love your Ched!
Sweet dreams!
My smokey's favorite sleeping place is right next to me on my bed.
She does have a favorite old blanket, though.

Happy weekend to you, G.

Margie x

Anonymous said...

My cat loves to sleep on blankets too or my clothes (when they get left lying around, so this post made me :)

Your blog has been making me smile for awhile and now I hope I can make you smile...

Congratulations! You have received the Versatile Blogger award! To claim your award please visit this post:

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, LOL funny how they find these spots to snooze in, I agree. I love seeing your cats too.

Hi Brenda, And Ched sends a big headbonk x 2 back to your guys. He does look the same color as dear Herbert, I agree.

Hi Teri, It's cool and rainy here too, my kind of weather. I'm going to spend a lazy day reading and writing. I hope you have a relaxing one too.

Hi Margie, Ahhh...too cute. I loved the pic of you and the mule recently, how cool is that!

Hi Sydney, Welcome and thanks so much for the recognition. I'm glad you stopped in.

Happy Weekend everyone and sweet dreams from me and the Ched, G

Joseph said...

Cheddie loves his old blankie. And he sleeps where and when he wants too. He is such a handsome dude!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Very funny and cute!

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