Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Days When You Wish There Really Was a "Chill Pill"

We all have our bad days, sad days, mad days..... the ones we would like to forget forever and leave behind.

Looking back on my own truly difficult,overwhelming days (and there's been quite a few) I realise now that I usually could have made things a bit (sometimes much) easier on myself at the time IF I had stepped back and tried to put some coping strategies into practise at the time.

Recently, I found this excellent post over at the Positivity Blog with some workable suggestions for chilling out and taking a "step back"  on those bad days.

I think I'll keep this information handy when another bad day arrives. And they will, whether we like to think about them or not. Perhaps a little pre-planning is the way to go. I know I'm trying harder these days to "deal with it and move on" and to really put things into perspective and not dwell on what I can't change at any given time and do what I can to make things better, when I can.

What coping strategies do you find helpful on difficult days?

When it's time to "chill out"  it can be difficult but it's so important not to let the stress of any situation impact our health if at all possible.


Lorraine said...

You are a wise woman, very wise...see I didn't listen to my body's screams, I wouldn't: my reaction was I'll get stronger or I'll die, but I didn't know about the in-between, you don't get stronger, you don't die, you get weaker until your nervous system shuts down, and then you have no choice but take those infamous Chill wiser stay smart, do what you have today, other people's opinion matters very little when you feel like your dying ....I was lucky to survive :)

Cathy said...

In the past I would just smoke furiously when I was upset. Those days are gone now. When I'm having the kind of day where I feel like my head is gonna blow off for whatever reason, I remove myself from the situation, even if it's to the washroom at work and force mysefl to do deep breathing. Through the tears, through the rage, through the overwhelming sadness. It usually works although it may take 10 or 15 minutes and if all else fails a couple of tylenol combined with the deep breathing cos sometimes, the breathing thing isn't enough. I never want to end up on antidepressants if I can avoid it. If all else fails, then I go to bed cos sometimes a short sleep is the difference between losing your damn mind and getting through whatever set you off.

Margie said...

I just read that post at the Blog.
Excellent post!
What works best for me when I'm having bad days, bad times is to get out with nature!
I mediate and pray for all that are suffering (including myself) and then I feel better!
It's all about counting my blessings.

Margie x

Anonymous said...

Margie said what I was going to offer. Nature is my best healer. A quiet walk works for me, and lets me step away from whatever is bothering me.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, Thank you for saying that L, I don't feel particularly wise in many respects but I do know that I've learned the hard way what stress can do to a person physically and otherwise, if not dealt with in constructive and thoughtful ways. I have been where you are describing. I was sick for almost 2 years, all stress related. I'm glad we are both here and moving beyond those times.

Hi CAthy, A very good idea. Not only is it giving yourself a time out when you need it most, you are not giving others who may not have your best interests at heart (although I'm NOT saying that's the case for you) to make things worse. I have been there and I have let those kinds of people drag me down, when I was already feeling bad. Live and learn. Thanks for the good advice Cathy, it really is.

Hi Margie, Most excellent advice.I will keep that in mind, when a bad day shows up. Gratitude is another biggie for coping, again as it's been brought up in the link/post I referred to, it's all about keeping it uppermost in our minds, in spite of the difficulty at hand.

Hi Sandy, And what a lovely place you have to stroll and clear your thoughts. Maine is certainly a beautiful state and I'm glad you share so much beauty from there.

Hugs and thank you for your thoughtful comments, G

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