Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loving Ourselves, Just the Way We Are

This  post: My Coming of Age  was one that I wrote some time ago, over at my cooking and craft blog: Veggies, Yarns & Tails.

I was thinking about this subject again recently and thought it would be worthwhile sharing this as a "happy topic" here at Take A Happy Break.

To feel truly and completely comfortable about ourselves, just the way we are. To not dwell on the "imperfections" physical and otherwise.

 It had been a topic/post that I had thought about writing about for a long time before I actually did. And this photo I also considered sharing for a long time too, before actually posting this.

You'll understand why when you read the original post.

Nothing really earth-shattering,  but for me it truly was a liberating moment/accomplishment. And a post that happily "rang true" for a lot of my readers at the time.

What has been your "coming of age" moment?

Here's to loving ourselves every day and just the way we are!


Lorraine said...

I read it and looked you and pause, and I questionned a bit, 'cause wow you're beautiful you have a lovely face, and such kind eyes, and nothing nor time can take that away, atta girl!

Margie said...

Read the post and loved it!
You are beautiful, truly beautiful!
Inside and out!

Margie x

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