Monday, June 13, 2011

A Telemarketing Tale and Honoring Our Veterans

Sometimes, it IS worthwhile, listening for a minute or two when a telemarketer calls.

That happened to me this past week. I was busy on the computer typing away, when the phone rang. Rather than letting it click over to our answering machine, I decided to pick up. A young man on the other end of the line proceeded to tell me about the Memory Project an initiative to preserve the history of our veterans for school children across Canada. Apparently, this is something that is being dropped as regular curriculum in many of our provinces.

This nationwide bilingual project will create a record of Canada’s participation in the Second World War as seen through the eyes of thousands of veterans. The Memory Project will provide every living Second World War veteran with the opportunity to share their memories through oral interviews and digitized artifacts and memorabilia. These stories and artifacts will be available on this site for teachers, students and the general public.

I was so happy to hear about this initiative. How does the saying go... "if we ignore our history, we are destined to re-live it" .

I don't think we can ever do enough for the veterans of all the wars. And yet these are the people who are often forgotten or not recognized for their sacrifices and contributions after they return from their military duties. It is gratifying to know that there are still individuals and  organizations working to change that before it's too late. Not only are veterans going out to visit school children as part of this program, there is also an interactive online option where veterans can tell their stories from home and in turn they will be shared via the Internet.

So, not only did I learn about this wonderful program that touched on a subject that I hold near and dear to my heart.It also proved that sometimes, telemarketers can be worth listening to! :<) 

I guess we can learn from the most unexpected sources at times.


Lorraine said...

I like that you care.
My phone is always turned off...
I read a Govt book report on WW2/The Holocaust and I hated Canada's stand on Immigration during the Holocaust 'One is too many' referring to Jewish people, so I'm not very proud of Canada at least politically for the soldiers, I do respect the soldiers

Teri C said...

My husband is a vet from the US Marine's and I agree with everything you said. Doesn't matter what country they are in, they still do and have protected our countries and some never came home.
Very touching post Geraldine.

sandy said...

That is a great idea. I have heard of something similar here, If I find the link, I will send it to you.

Joseph said...

We should never forget the contribution of our military personnel and as time passes by, that can happen. This sounds like a good idea.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I'm sorry to read this but not really that surprised. Our gov't through the years has left things to be desired on some serious issues. It's the same thing now, only different times and still not being accountable to the people they are suppose to be serving.

Hi Teri, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. And the ones who did come home were changed forever, in some ways I think. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

Hi SandyL, If you find anything similiar Sandy, Ill add the link to this post, thank you.

Hi Joe, I completely agree.

Thanks for your visits and comments and Happy Wednesday, G

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