Sunday, September 2, 2012

Word of the Week: Talisman

Do you believe in talismans?
This gorgeous "sachet" type talisman above was made for me by a friend who is a good (white)witch. It contains various herbs and plants believed to ward off evil.
 I have it on the back of our front door, along with: a rosary, cross, (very) small totem ...covering all the bases, so to speak. ;<)
This lovely talisman is also an ongoing reminder of my friend's concern and support, while I was going through a very difficult time. That kind of friendship is a gift and a treasure. Her thoughtfulness in making this personal and unique gift for me meant so much.

This is my writing talisman.
 I wear it when I'm working on creative writing projects. Another gift. I love the symbolism of the sun, the light, shining....all good.

Some writers wear hats, a certain T-shirt etc... I like my sun necklace.
I'm also sharing an archive haiku/haiga over at My Poetic Path today, featuring the theme: talisman. Hope you'll stop by to see that too.
I wish you a week filled with wonders of all kinds, including luck and good fortune.
Don't forget your talisman! ;<)


an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune
- something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects
Definition courtesy of Merriam



Joseph said...

I think it's a good idea to have talismans. There are good and bad energies, all around us.

These are both beautiful talismans.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

These are lovely treasures.
Whether a person might believe in magic or talismans, still the kind intentions and thoughtfulness of special gifts(sometimes handmade),
can serve to provide a feeling of being loved and cared about, I think.

There certainly seems to be a strong spiritual element to totems carved by the First Nations people.

I too, have heard of writers' having a special piece of clothing, etc. to wear when writing.

Now, I am trying to think of what might be a kind of talisman for me. And I think I've finally found a subject for a new post. (!) Thanks for this prompt.

Wishing you a good week!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Dear, Ger,
We are hoping that you will forgive B's pretty mundane, dare we say stodgy opinion above.
We personally think that "talisman" is a very elegant word,and we certainly feel that B could use all the good luck she could find.
B does mean well, but sometimes she just has no sparkle, wit or imaginative flair like we two felines, for example.
Did you notice that "talisman" has the word "tail" hidden somewhere inside (using one's imagination), and that it is a deliciously sinuous word, similar to feline, in some way.
Artie and I are busy thinking of a talisman post over at our cat blog, hopefully one day soon.
We must extend our good wishes to you, and our appreciation for a great post, dear Ms. Ger.
P.S. Would you be able to pass on a couple of Headbonks to Mr. Chedder, as well.
Your friends in sophistication, although definitely NOT SophistaCATS,
Herb and Art

Gillena Cox said...

have a good week Geraldine

much love...

HaikuWater said...

Love that sunny writing talisman. There's a jade (or jade-like glass) Buddha at the dollar store I've been eyeing - I figure I can rub his tummy when I get a writing or idea block :)

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, I agree, on both counts!

Hi Brenda, The totem I have is actually part of a necklace, very small but quite accurate, compared to the big totems. I agree about the magic of thoughtfulness and support too, it can help just as much as any talisman, usually more so. Glad to read I inspired a post idea!

Hi Herb and Art, You guys crack me up! I will certainly share all these "gems" with the Chedster. He's been having a lazy day, napping a lot today. I'm sure you guys like your nap time too! Don't be too hard on your Mom, I'm sure she's good to you, even if you do have differences of opinions at times. ;<)

Hi Gillena, And to you too G!

Hi Bruce, Sounds like a plan. A good investment for a little price!

Happy Week, G

Brian Miller said...

oo i rather like your writing talisman...that would def inspire me....smiles....and cool that your friend made it for you...

Quiet Paths said...

Very pretty! I like this idea a lot. I have my special rocks in my office. And shells...

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