Sunday, September 9, 2012

Word of the Week: Catch-Up!

I'm planning for a catch-up week that might stretch to more like a month. LOL 
My desk "pile" (overflowing into a box now...) has gotten a bit "unruly" as of late. LOL In particular, a backlog of books and also some products to review, over at: My Real Life Reviews .
I'm also waiting on several book reviews pending for my two new poetry books and more review copies coming in the mail right now, so I know how frustrating it can be to wait. My apologies to anyone who's sent me a book that I haven't reviewed yet. It is NOT forgotten.
I'm also working on my novel. Still going great but every time I think I'm almost done, the plot "takes off" in another direction! I'll take it though. So much better than the blank screen/page/mind syndrome. ;<) We've all been there, right?
I have a gazillion projects on the go but I know so well that focusing and finishing one at a time, is always the best course of action, if at all possible. Or alternately, having a goal of a portion to complete, on any given day. That works too, especially for larger projects.
So, it's catch-up week here. I hope I've inspired you to work on your own pile of projects too. It's soooo satisfying to get them completed!
Happy Week, G :<)


Joseph said...

That's a big pile of projects to get through, but you'll do it. And that's not all of them, I know.

It is satisfying to finish a project.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Yes, you do have a pile of projects on the go, Ger!
But isn't it great to have all these projects available to work on keeps life interesting!
Good luck on your novel, I enjoy hearing about your writing process.
You can be sure I'm near the front of the line, waiting to read it! :)
P.S. The boys have finally written their 2nd post over at their blog.

Susie Clevenger said...

I hope you are able to catch-up. I seem to be working at that all the time.

Quiet Paths said...

It's actually really neat to have lots of projects to catch up on... the fun thing is you get to choose!

Teri Casper said...

Boy, what a perfect word for the week. Me Too!!
But such a satisfying feeling when the catch-up gets caught-up.
Happy week.

Anonymous said...

A perfect pair of words for what I am doing!

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, And that's not the whole pile, right LOL!!! But I love it all, just wish there were more hours in the day...

Hi Brenda, It certainly does. Good to hear the lads are blogging again. They are such cuties.

Hi Susie, I know you have lots on the go Susie, from what I read over at your blog. Good luck with the catch-up!

Hi Christine, Yes, I agree. It is a lot more fun to be able to pick and choose. Nice to see you again C!

Hi Teri, Isn't it? I'm a do-list person big time and how i love crossing off the tasks, they get finished. Good luck with yours too.

Hi SandyL, How nice to see a comment from you again. Hope your offline projects are going great.

Happy Week, G :<)

Geraldine said...

Make that TO-do list Teri. :<) I just got up a while ago. LOL

Lorraine said...

I' ve forgotten how much I love your blog, I need your advice, Sammi is not back and although I've posted all over, it's never Sammi...a psychic ('cause I followed every route I could) said last week (my last call) 'cause I was out of money bythe end of this week it will be two weeks, if she doesn't return, what do I do, I have t money, believe mye, my landlord ahs something yp his sleeve reformed his copany with his sis I think and I know they want me out, I know it could take some time I have my rights, I've been here 14 years...but still it's affecting me I know I have to go, and soon but what if Sammi comes back in the winter and I'm not phone number will be the same but people will forget I don't know what to do...

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