Friday, May 20, 2011

A " Monk" Joke

Warning: Goofey joke alert!!!

On the plus side, it's still funny I think and definitely suitable for all audiences LOL

Here goes:

A young man became a monk, with a religious order that only allowed very limited speaking in the monastery. For every 10 years in the order, they were allowed to speak only 2 words.

After ten years, the young monk was called to the office of the Abbot of the monastery to see what he had to say:

"Food bad."

The Abbot dismissed the monk and told him to return to his work.

Ten more years went by and the same question was asked by the Abbot. This time the reply was:

"Bed hard."

Again, the Abbot dismissed the monk, and told him to return to his work.

After 10 more years, the same question was asked and this time, the monk's reply was:

"I quit."

The Abbot, quickly replied:

"I'm not surprised. All you've done is complain for the past 30 years!"

Wishing you  a wonderful weekend filled with laughter and fun!


Teri C said...

You are funny and this brought me a LOL.

Margie said...

Thanks for the chuckle!

And have a great weekend!

lissa said...

thanks for the chuckle!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Cute joke!
This made for a smile, and a chuckle!
Thanks Ger, for your great blog!
Have a happy long weekend!
Here we're having rain, but it's a nice soft rain, and smells great!

Joseph said...

LOL. A cute joke.

Geraldine said...

Hi Teri, Margie,Lissa, Brenda and Joe,

Thanks for all your kind comments here. I hope you have a weekend filled with lots of laughs and fun. We can never underestimate the power of laughter, can we?

Hugs, G :<)

SandyCarlson said...

That is very funny. Thanks, friend, for bringing a smile to my evening!

Selma said...

Excellent. I love jokes like that. Good one. LOLOLOLOLLOLLOL

sandy said...

Loved it!

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyC, Sel and SandyL,

Wishing you a great week and thanks for your comments!

Hugs, G

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