Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a Hugger and Proud of It!

I have always believed in the power of simple gestures like giving someone a hug. When the distance makes that impossible, I still like to express the sentiment via a cyberhug or perhaps a line of OOOO's at the end of a letter or page.

Hugs. Such an easy thing to do but they can change someone's day, perhaps more than just the day, in a very positive way.

Many, many times over the years, I've been thanked for giving someone a hug, told that "they needed a hug right about then" sometimes, needed one a lot. I've also been grateful to  receive a hug unexpectedly especially when I was feeling sad or upset. A hug always makes me feel better. Someone took the time to show they cared.

There is some etiquette involved when it comes to hugging strangers of course or even someone you know but not very well. A simple request such as: "I'd like to give you a hug" is a good idea in those circumstances.

 I've yet to have anyone say NO thanks to a hug! LOL 

How pleased I was to find out about this HUG campaign online recently, I don't know how I missed this, even featured on Oprah! Talk about media coverage for a simple act of human kindness and contact. I'm loving it! This is a great site to check out for more about the many benefits of hugging and how this campaign started.

Give someone a hug today. Try to make it someone who looks like they really need one. Instant warmth and smiles, guaranteed!!!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

You will probably not remember this, but you helped me several years ago with a "simple" hug.
Mom was at Pasqua Hospital, and would be there for 5 months before finally needing to move to a nursing home. You and I bumped into one another at the elevators (I think), and we talked briefly - your Mom was also there. And you said you felt I needed a hug, and gave me one.

Really it helped a great deal, and as you see I never forgot it.

Just wanted to let you know!
Have a wonderful Day!

C... said...

You might find some autistic person would refuse. My son is only 10 and has Aspergers and he'd probably run from a hug. :)

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that you are a hugger. You come across as a very caring person. Keep it up!

Teri C said...

Hugging is the best! I love to give and receive them.
I think the note from Brenda really says it all!!!

From one hugger to another great post!

Geraldine said...

More hugs!!!! There's never enough, is there? G

Joseph said...

Hugs are always nice. I get lots of them!

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