Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Tanka Poem: The Beckoning Spring


Tree on the hillside

barren branches, wait for green.

Sun to warm it's boughs

and as in life, will renew.

For now, the whispering winds.


This is my second attempt at tanka poetry.

Tanka is the oldest form of Japanese poetry, you can read more about it here.

My first tanka poem: Spring Thaw is posted here, I wrote that one quite a while ago.

 I still prefer haiku but I've enjoyed trying tanka too.

What is your favorite form of poetry?

For me, writing poems is so relaxing and rewarding. Succinct and timeless forms of expression. Reading and writing poetry is a true joy in my life. I hope that's the case for you too!

Photo (isn't it wonderful) courtesy of my blog friend: Jason Evans.

PS: It's been a very busy day in Blogland for me!

Here are some new posts at my other blogs:

My Poetic Path: Rainy Days and Monday...

Veggies, Yarns and Tails: Save a Bundle, Make Your Own Sprouts 

My Real Life Reviews: Breathe Right nasal strips

And a couple more in drafts!!!LOL

Time to call it a day on the computer. Happy Wednesday and see you soon!


Patti said...

Good morning! That picture is so hauntingly lovely! Your poem is great- so true... I love writing haiku- but I will have to try tanka. I have assigned my poetry projects to both my 7th and 8th graders- always fun to teach the different forms- more for me than them, I am afraid... Have a wonderful rest of the week~~~

Teri C said...

I love your tanka. I tried these about a month ago and love the option to say just a bit more than a haiku. The more I try them the better I like them. I have even tried some freeform poetry but I need the inspiration to d them...and inspiration has been in short supply lately. Unless I write about rakes. lol

Anonymous said...

Please do another, this was good!

Margie said...

Hi Geraldine
That was very, very nice!
So enjoued your tanka!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Margie x

Joseph said...

The poem is excellent. It goes so well with this photo.

Geraldine said...

Hi Patti, So nice to "see" you again Patti. Your kids are lucky to have you for their teacher! And what a great idea for a writing project, I'm impressed. Glad you enjoyed this post.

Hi Teri, LOL, you could probably right a fine poem about rakes, and add a lovely painting to go with it! I'll be waiting. And thanks for the kind words. Put down the rake and rest a while, ok!!!

Hi SandyL, Thank you! I think I will.

Hi Margie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it and a great rest of the day to you too.

Hi Joe, This is a wonderful, inspiring photo isn't it? I'm glad Jason shared it and I was able to share it again.

Hugs, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I love both the photo and poem.

Anonymous said...

I really like the photo too. It is a very striking image. Excellent poem. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words!

And I do like the picture. ;)

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, I'm glad you could still stop by. Sorry about the "bugs" hope all is a-ok again, very soon.

Hi Selma, It's a great photo, isn't it? One used for a writing contest over at Jason's blog. Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Jason, So nice you could stop by and thanks again for this wonderful, inspiring image. Very unique.

Happy Weekend (it's a long one here in Canada), G

SandyCarlson said...

That picture and the poem fill me with hope and remind me of happiness. Thanks, friend.

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