Sunday, May 22, 2011

Word of the Week: Halcyon

warmth of summer sun
butterfly basks in the glow
breaks free, flies alone

This photo and haiku always brings to mind "halcyon days" for me.
The warmth, the calm and tranquil beauty of a butterfly, basking in the sun.
I was not aware that halcyon also referred to a type of bird.
I hope you enjoy this word for the week.

And a week filled with halcyon days!



1. A kingfisher, especially one of the genus Halcyon.
2. A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.
1. Calm and peaceful; tranquil.
2. Prosperous; golden: halcyon years.

Definition courtesy of : The Free Dictionary

Butterfly photo courtesy of: Flickr


Anonymous said...

It's funny you should post a photo of a butterfly (it's gorgeous, by the way) because I've just been listening to a podcast by David Attenborough talking about the decline of butterfly numbers in the UK. It's so sad to think about it, isn't it? They are such delicate, ethereal creatures.

Halcyon. One of my favourite words. Conjures up days filled of sunlight, soft winds and hope. Lovely!

Teri C said...

Now this is an interesting word and I didn't know it has so many meanings either. Hmm, I feel somewhat inspired again. I love your 'word of the week'.

Joseph said...

This is wonderful. Halcyon is a special word, conjures up all sorts of good things. The photo is cool too.

Margie said...

I very much enjoyed this, Geraldine!
Love the words halcyon and love your haiku and that butterfly, well, just gorgeous!

Margie x

SandyCarlson said...

This one has me in tears, quiet tears. Can't say why, though I know.

That exquisite flight.

Geraldine said...

Hi Sel, We see very few butterflies here in BC, it is sad isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

Hi Teri, It is an interesting word, I agree. And so many meanings. I'm so glad you like my "word of the week". It keeps me thinking about a particular word all week as well!

Hi Joe, I love the images of this one.

Hi Margie, Thanks for your kind words Margie and nice to see you again!

Hi SandyC, A big hug going out to you. Take care friend.

Have a wonderful week, G

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