Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Blogging News x 4!

I've been trying to find more time to work on my novel which I previously posted about here. It seems that the time online gets taken up quickly when I am writing posts, browsing blogs, Googling...and at the end of 4-5 hours most days, it's hard to really give my novel writing the attention that I think it warrants. So, for now, I am reducing my blogging significantly.

Here at  Happy Break, I plan to continue with my "Word of the Week" posts, early each week on Sunday or Monday. I like the idea of having a "word" to focus on, contemplate...during each week and it seems that many readers are enjoying these posts too. So, I will still be sharing some happiness here each week but only one post a week for now. I hope you'll enjoy what's upcoming for WOTW's and I hope they've been helpful and inspiring to you, so far!

At My Real Life Reviews, I will continue to post reviews on a regular basis. I'm planning for 2-3 reviews a week. I have a lot of those in the works already. Response over at MRLR has been great, from readers all over the world and from companies too. It's something I always wanted to do and I'm really enjoying the process of trying out products of all kinds and then sharing my thoughts about them over at MRLR. I hope you'll stop in soon and often.

At Veggies, Yarns & Tails and My Poetic Path, my two WordPress blogs, I am putting posting on hold for now. I'm not deleting these blogs and I may get back to them in the future. And the archives for recipes etc...is rather extensive after all these years. Just a break from both, for now.

As for my novel, it is going very well! I really can't believe the progress I'm making or the fun it's been. I'm going to get to the finish line, this time. I just know it! But it takes time and concentration and it needs to be a priority now. I only wish I could give up sleep and cram some more hours into every day!!!

So that's the plan...Not that I won't be visiting my fav blogs, of course I will! It just won't be quite as often for now.

Happy Autumn and Lots of Hugs, G :<)


lissa said...

sounds great. if only I am as determined as you. I see to put things off even when I have the time.

good luck with your novel.

Teri C said...

Now that you your priorities in order...GO GO GO and thT book will soon be done!
I look forward tom hearing an update now and then.

Hugs to you and headbands to the Chedman

Patti said...

Congrats on your determination! Glad you will stay in the Blogging realm even if it is limited!!! Good luck... :)

Tumblewords: said...

Enjoy! I've written three novels during the push of NANOWRIMO. I'm anxious to hear of your progress!

Anonymous said...

Well, you just have to do it sometimes.
Glad things are going well, and I am looking forward to a good read!

Geraldine said...

Hi Lissa, Thanks for your kind words and for stopping in. I think you do some amazing work over at your blog. It's all about what comes first though, isn't it? It's so easy to lose sight of that, at least that's the way it is for me. I could blog for hours at a time!

Hi Teri, I will definitely be stopping by when I can and also posting here once a week and at MRLR a couple of times a week. Don't be a stranger and I won't be either. :<) Cheddie says thanks Auntie Teri. And a headbonk back to you and Sunshine!

Hi Patti, Thanks friend. I certainly can't give up blogging entirely, I've tried that before, impossible!!!

Hi Sue, Oh Sue, I am impressed. NaNoWrMo finishers amaze me. And you've written 3 novels already, wow. I have to check out your book page again. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi SandyL,I hope all your projects are going well Sandy, I know you've got a lot on the go. I'm glad you aren't giving up blogging entirely though! You'd be missed.

Happy Week, I hope it's a productive one for all of us. I'm having a productive day so good start for me. See you soon, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Good luck with your writing Geraldine,
Reading your blogs has always been interesting, and I always enjoy your replies.

You provide interesting perspectives, and new ways to see life, and this is so valuable in our world.

All the best to you, and Ched, as well as your Joe,
Happy Fall, and Happy Writing,

Joseph said...

Keep working on your novel, it's going to be great. You do have to set priorities though, that's so true. I'm always cheering you on.

Cathy said...

Hi Geraldine, just wanted to drop you a quick note to let ya know that I tried both the prize coffees and both were delish! Sorry it took so long to give you an update on them, I had to dig my coffee maker out of storage but it was worth it! Thanks again for the giveaway!

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, Thanks for the kind words, all appreciated.

Hi Joe, I hope so. I actually like what I've re-read so far. The story is taking on a force of it's own, if that makes sense. The characters and plot are taking me in directions I hadn't anticipated when I began. That's when the process of writing is magic!

Hi Cathy, Good to hear the prize pkg. arrived, you know how slow CP can be! I like the brewed Caf-lib too, I'm kind of addicted to their products now LOL. Love them!

I'm off to type!

Happy Wednesday, G :<)

Ed Pilolla said...

you have decided to do it. everything is self induced, especially when creating art. congratulations:)

Lorraine said...

I know how you feel...although yesterday I got one comment, I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the effort after all, maybe Ishould to work at getting out of debts, hang in there sweetie and make your millions

Anonymous said...

Hi! Looking forward to some happy break stuff!

Anonymous said...

That's very exciting about your novel, Geraldine. I am really pleased for you. Don't stop!

Petr Mihulka said...

I can relate to that Geraldine! I admire your determination and keep my fingers crossed for the best of luck with the book. Petr

Geraldine said...

Hi Ed, Truer words were never spoken. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Lorraine, Millions, I like the sound of that. In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the process of writing my novel. I still love blogging too but it was taking up a LOT of time lately!

Hi RumpyDog, I won't be posting here to much, once a week though for sure. My review blog is now my main blog focus, hope you'll stop by there too. Thanks for stopping in.

Hi Sel, Not this time. I am determined this time is the charm. The story is flowing along so well, I just don't know how I'll finally wrap it up!!!It does take on a mind of it's own, I know you'll relate to this.

Hi Petr, Thank you so much.

Happy Weekend and Hope to see you here on Sunday for a new WOTW post!


SandyCarlson said...

I am glad your novel is going well and is becoming a priority. Good for you! That's as it should be. God bless.

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you won't delete the blogs on which you are less active now. Let the stand as testaments to your beautiful words and deeds!

Geraldine said...

Sandy, You're a gem! thanks for all your encouragement, for so long now.

No, no deleting for me. I've put a lot of heart and soul and work...into all my blogs. I'm kind of attached to all 4! I feel bad when bloggers I like to visit delete blogs. There's always archives, right? And I will still be active here at Happy Break and My Real Life Reviews.

Have a wonderful week, G :<)

Patti said...

Hi! Just checking in to see how you are doing...hope all is well in your World!!!

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