Friday, September 2, 2011

By Way of (Two) Updates

** Prizes in the Happiness Is...contest:

I have finally got all of the prizes ready to mail. My apologies for the delay in getting these sent. First, I was waiting for quite a while to get all the addresses. Then I had a number of delays here including a two-week heat wave that really left me drained. When the temps rise, my energy levels sag, big time. But cooler temps have returned, I'm even sleeping better, hooray. So, all prizes will be in the mail next week. And do let me know if you don't receive yours in the next few weeks.

It may take a quite a while for mail to the U.S. and Europe which is getting slower and slower and that, I can't control.

** My ??? re: Word 2010:

Remember this post with my question re: Sub-folders/ Chapters?

Well yesterday I made up my mind I was going to figure this out and I finally did. The sub-folders as I had thought of them that show up in the Navigation pane (automatically for Chapter 1) when using the Word 2010 Book Manuscript template are actually considered just headings.

If you type in headings into the Help field, it is explained, kinda sorta....enough that I could figure it out and continue with my Chapters....yipeee! I love when I can figure out a techie question 'cause I am not a techie person.

I've said it a million times, I'll say it again: Microsoft needs some average, non-techie people working for them.

Simplify the basics. Don't get into so much detail about functions that are only used on a limited basis or not at all by a lot of users. And include "mini"help reference guides for a template's specific add-ons. Just 3 of many things, I'd recommend, if I happen to be one of those non-techie MS employees that they really need LOL!!!

I asked a lot of people about this folder/chapter ??? and no one could figure it out either. They tried. I hope in turn that my discovery will help someone else. Bill Gates....are you listening??

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If you are travelling this long weekend, have a fun and safe journey! :<)


Joseph said...

That was great that you figured this out. You are so smart. I'm glad you can continue with your novel and not worry about this Chapter issue.

Lorraine said...

I have almost no desire to blog, it's strange for me...not to want to

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