Sunday, December 11, 2011

Word of the Week: Melody

I love the word: melody

 I've been thinking about all the melodies we hear throughout life.

And how life itself is also one, continuous melody. The high notes and the low. The beautiful and bittersweet. Fast and slow. And so it plays on...

I hope you enjoy this photo (not mine but I love it) and the poem too, which I wrote a few years ago.

The Melody of Life
Mother’s: sigh.
Baby’s: cry.
Hushed by a gentle,
Starlit, summer nights.
Giggles and childhood fun.
Round the campfire.
The old tunes draw everyone.
Teen’s rebellion; IPODs blare.
Feet flying fast.
As passions flare.
In perfect rhythm, to the latest:
Metal Stallion?
Sweet scents of lilac spring.
As young lover’s dance.
Hearts in time to;
tender notes of romance.
Mid-life’s song.
The beat goes on….
Hips a swayin’
While the golden groove keeps playing.
Old folk’s bliss.
Holding hands; they reminisce.
Bittersweet memories of their Autumn’s,
First Kiss.
The melody of life goes on…
Song to song.
As the years roll along.
Sealing memories in their own special way.
Pressed between pages that will never fade.
 GHH/ 2008

Photo courtesy of Flickr
Link to the original post/comments


Wishing you a wonderful week, G :<)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...


This is a nice word!

I also just love the sound of the word, and it is one of my favourite names for girls.

The photo is beautiful, with the light and rainbows playing across the pages.

I really enjoyed your poem.
Music does play an integral role in our lives I think, and at this time of the year there is such beautiful music to hear from the classical to the popular.

Wishing you a very happy week!

Brian Miller said...

nice, it is a beautiful plays a huge role in my life and love finding it within the rhythms of life...

thanks for popping in from Loraines...

Ed Pilolla said...

pressed forever indeed. lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem, Geraldine.
I guess I am just exiting stanza 5.

Cathy said...

A very nice poem Geraldine.
Music is such a huge part of our lives, especially at this time of year. The memories it conjures up, the happiness it brings and yes even the sadness. But what would we do without it?

I think it lifts our souls, I really do!

Margie said...

Melody is a lovely word and your poem is beautiful!
Loved it.

Margie x

Dianne said...

melody is a pretty word
your poem is lovely
I too like the photo, the shadows across the music are perfect

Dianne said...

melody is a pretty word
your poem is lovely
I too like the photo, the shadows across the music are perfect

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, Yes, a good point, what a lovely name for a girl. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post!

Hi Brian, And thanks for stopping by here. I really enjoyed visiting recently.

Hi Ed, Thanks so much. I always love the image of petals pressed between the pages of a beautiful book. I've got some of those actually, hard to throw out...LOL.

Hi Sandy, Nah, you're just getting started my dear. Keep that groove on!

Hi Cath, Yes, it can lift our souls but some songs make me cry too. The memories, the loved ones not here....but those memories can sustain us too, can't they? Thanks for the insightful thoughts here.

Hi Margie, Thank you dear friend.

Hi Dianne, I love this photo, for so many reasons. Long, live flickr! LOL When my own archives don't deliver, I know I can always find a good photo over there.

Wishing you all a wonderful week,G

Petr Mihulka said...

The word melody triggers a wonderful memory in me. It must have been some 25 years ago when the emigrated Czech director Milos Forman filmed the movie Amadeus. The movie was presented even in my, at that time still communist, country. The wonderful Mozart's music - the Melody - allowed me to rise over the grey reality. I've been into Mozart's music ever since, the melodies vibrate in my heart.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Geraldine,
Just thought I'd drop in. No we aren't having much snow here either. It rained this morning. The sky has been a dark gunmetal grey all day. Possibly we'll have snow overnight, but it's not in the forecast.

Herb and Arthur send big headbonks to Ched!

Joseph said...

Love the poem. Melodies do play throughout our lives, in many ways. I like this word too. And the photo.

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