Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to My New Happiness Blog!

I hope you will stop by every day for a "happy break" here at my new blog.

Dedicated to good vibes, positive energy, encouragement, happy thoughts and lots of laughter too.

There is so much focus on sadness and the harsher realities of life shared endlessly online and elsewhere in the news. This is my attempt to spread a little of the sunshine and optimism that life is also all about. To strive to make each day worthwhile and positive. To focus on all the good things

In addition to my own posts, I hope to include many "gems" from other bloggers, writers and friends. If you have an idea for a post to share here send me an email, I'd love to hear from you.

We can never have enough positive, energizing thoughts. They are what we become, what can change a bad day into a better one. A good day into a great one. 

Even a smile can change, sometimes even transform someone's world so share one today!

I plan/hope to post every day (Monday to Friday) so stop by soon and often. Subscribe or bookmark and spread the word. 

We all deserve more happiness...hope to see you soon!

PS: Flowers always make me smile. I'll be sharing a lot of them here too!


Cathy said...

Hi Geraldine, I couldn't agree more, we all need a bit of happy sometimes it's essential to over ride the naysayers!

By the way, I had added this new blog to my feed reader and when this new post appeared, all that appeared on the reader was the words you had in brackets and highlighted, so I headed over to the actual blog and it's fine here. I think I will delete it and try adding it again and let ya know if it is showing up or not

Cathy said...

Ok something must be going screwy with blogger cos I deleted, readded it to the reader, went back and it's still the same and I also noticed the very first post was the same, no writing incuded...don't know what thats about. Thought you should know, at least when you have a new post it appears and I can always click on it to head to the actual blog but it shouldn't be doing that.

Teri C said...

Great idea. I'm always on the lookout for happy things.

Geraldine said...

Hi Cathy, Thanks for stopping by and the heads up re: reader. I don't know why this would happen, I'm still learning all things Blogger. I hope you enjoy my new blog and see ya over at your blog soon!

Hi Teri, I couldn't agree more. And thanks for stopping in too.

Hugs and Happy Monday, G

Joseph said...

Congratulations on the new blog dear, it looks great! We all need more happy and positive thoughts in our lives.

Geraldine said...

PS: Re: reader, I checked this out Cathy and it must be because I'm using white color text here. It's kind of strange that Google wouldn't translate that to a darker color on the reader but I guess they don't. Thanks for clicking through! I like the look of the light text color here with the green, black looked kind of harsh. Bye again, G

Early Childhood Education and Common Sense said...

Ger, I'm looking forward to reading your new blog. A very good idea, we all do need to remember to focus on the positive things, and I think your blog will be a great contribution. Your colours and photos of flowers are a breath of fresh air!
All the best!

SandyCarlson said...

Bring on the happiness. Let's build on what is good. Let the junk fall away. Good luck with this blog.

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