Sunday, July 10, 2011

Word of the Week: Laughter!


How's this for a reading group? LOL!!!

Can we ever have enough laughter in our lives? Probably not.

Laughter not only makes us happy and makes us smile, it is also very good for us, health wise.

Many years ago when I was recovering from "burn-out syndrome/ chronic fatigue" caused by too much worry, work, stress...that eventually added up and robbed me of my good health for almost 2 years, I read many stories about the healing powers of laughter.

I spent a lot of time on the sofa during that time of recovery. I wasn't able to do much as my nervous system was virtually in tatters. Resting and re-thinking how I had been living to have ended up so weak and so ill. I tried to read mainly inspiring and healing stories/ books about real people who had been through illnesses caused by stress who had recovered and lived to tell the tale.

The story of Norman Cousins and his remarkable recovery from a life-threatening tissue disease described in his book: Anatomy of An Illness is a story that has always stayed with me. Cousins and his doctors believed that recovery was due in large part to daily doses of lots of laughs, watching Marx Brother's movies where as drugs and other treatments had had little or no effect for weeks. Cousins had actually been getting worse as time had been going by in the hospital, until he added the funny movies to his daily routine.  If you've never read his story, it is definitely worth the time.

I also recently found this interesting site that lists many of the health benefits of laughter.

When I'm having a bad, sad or mad day... a good laugh (or even better, lots of them) can go a long way towards turning things around and helping me to relax and reassess things.

 I love watching funny movies like: Take the Money and Run with Woody Allen and Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield, two of my all-time favorite, classic LOL movies.

If you have a funny movie, book, video share, please do.

Here's to a week filled with lots of laughter.

It truly is the best medicine, for so many reasons! 


PS: I was fortunate to photograph a PERFECT pink rose recently. I wrote a haiku poem to go with it. You can see the post at: Haiku Reflections: A Perfect Pink Rose. I never tire of roses!

This adorable (and definitely not Mr. Cheddar approved) photo courtesy of Flickr


Lorraine said...

Oh yes I am a Master Burned-out and the first time I laughed so hard, I felt the world shift, it's a are so right G., still I wished you had never experienced that despair....

Lorraine said...

and just know I saw the whole photo hilarious, they're so pretty I laughed lol

SandyCarlson said...

I love the photo! This topic is fascinating. Just think, we are supposed to feel good and be happy!

I would recommend Dr. Stuart Brown's book called Play. It speaks to this topic, and I think you would like it. You can also check out his video on

sandy said...

We just saw a piece on TV about kids reading to pets. That is what I thought this was going to be about.

I read that book, and it was inspiring.

Teri C said...

Fantastic post Geraldine and just what I need to hear.
I did read that Cousins book when it first came out and I was still working as a nurse so I found it doubly useful.

Laughter is happiness out loud...I just made that up. Lol

Joseph said...

Our emotions are connected to our physical well-being in a very real way. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Both of those movies are hilarious.

Mr. Cheddar said...

You've got that right Meowmie, definitely NOT a Cheddar-approved photo. Equal time for the cats I say!!!!

Snorts from the Ched,
Celebrity Blogger and all around fabulous feline.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, I know you've been through something similar, I'm sorry that you had to experience that too. I'm so glad you've realised the power of laughter in your own life though. I love this photo too!

Hi Sandy, Thanks for the recommends, Ill add this author to my must-read list.

Hi SandyL, cute is that. I wonder what the pets think about this?

Hi Teri, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, right now. I love the saying you've made up too!

Hi Joe, Oh so true, I couldn't agree more.

Hi Ched, Oh Ched, you KNOW you are featured many, many times on my blogs. But would you ever sit and listen to a story? I doubt it!!!

Hugs and Happy Week. Lots of headbonks from the Ched too. G :<)

Margie said...

Nothing can stand
against laughter
Mark Twain made this
wise remark first ...
And time and again
I have proved it
when things were
about at their worst!

So love that photo and I've read that book by Norman Cousins.

G, may you always be blessed with laughter!

Margie x

lissa said...

there is too many tv shows and movies to recommend but I agree that laughter is good for lifting your spirits. and watching funny movies and shows will definitely do that.

have a lovely day.

KleoPatra said...

Geraldine, it is great to hear from you. i love this post!!! Find me at

Geraldine said...

Hi Margie, You are one of the most upbeat people I've ever met Margie. It's so great to read that laughter is a big part of your life and how you stay on course.

Hi Lissa, Nice to see you again Lissa and I certainly agree.

Hi Karen, Wow, how wonderful to see your comment here, I have wondered how you were, many times over the past couple of years. Great to reconnect.

Hugs to you all, G :<)

Margie said...

I try my best m'dear!
It wasn't always that way though.
When son went away to college (in "07) I was in the depths of sorrow!
I pulled through though but it wasn't easy.
Laughter was a big help to me!
I still miss him but I just am thankful to have him in my life!
You would love him as he's the most wonderful person!

Thanks for that lovely reply!

Margie :)

Kim Nelson said...

this is a wonderful post!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Well I just had to read this post when it showed today at the bottom of your Feb. 2, 2012 post.
The photo is wonderful, and the Australian shephers (I thin that may be what they are), remind me so much of my Sheltie, Rocky.

I'm so glad that you recovered your "joie de livre" - and now spread these positive messages here at Take a Happy Break, and are enjoying life again.

I've read Norman Cousins book as well, and do love movies that strike the funny bone.

I'll look for the Woody Allen movie, I enjoyed Manhatten Murder Mystery, with Allen, and Diane Keaton alot.

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