Friday, July 1, 2011

A Canadian Treasure to Share on Canada Day

There aren't too many songs that bring tears to my eyes every time I hear them but I'm sharing one here today that always does. And in a good way! 

For me, Gordon Lightfoot is one of the real treasures of Canada. This song came to mind when I was deciding what to write about for Canada Day.

His beautiful tribute to the building of the national railroad in Canada: Canadian Railroad Trilogy is a song that never gets stale. Lyrics that always touch my heart.

This video is from a concert in 1972. And check out those groovy threads!!! The "experts" said this song would never fly when it was released, much too long for radio air-time, at over 6 minutes. How wrong they were.

I've seen Gordon Lightfoot perform several times over the years. Including at his beloved Massey Hall in Toronto, his "home base" since the beginning of his career. He is a songwriter in a class of his own. And a survivor too, still performing after all these years and still with a loyal fan base.

Our family has had ties to the national railroads for many, many years. You can read more about that here including a rather romantic poem too!

Happy Canada Day wherever you may be!

Flag photo courtesy of Flickr


justin said...

Thank you for paying a special attention to this song. Indeed is a very beautiful song, I actually was there when n Gordon Lightfoot performed this song in Toronto. As a birthday present for Canada and people that love this country I would like to share thislittle piece of Canada's history.
Happy Birthday Canada and Canadians!!!!

Lorraine said...

G. that is soooooo beautiful, my favourite fromGordon the early morning rain....I love that song, thank you somuch for making this post oh so Canadian,you're a darling x

oh and thank you Justin (if I may G)

Lorraine said...

Oh and of course I went to hear the song, I forgot how young he was then, love the song, and your post, A Hole in One x

Margie said...

Great post for Canada Day!
Wonderful song!
Gordon Lightfoot is an amazing talent!

Happy Canada Day to you, G.

Margie x

Anonymous said...

He is a national treasure, for sure. Thanks for posting the song. I should have come here first! Ignore the question on your other blog.

Joseph said...

Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian treasure. Great tune with a lot of meaning and feeling to it. A part of our history in song. Love it.

Geraldine said...

Hi Justin, Thanks for visiting Happy Break. It is our birthday indeed. Hope it was a good one for you too!

Hi Lorraine, I agree, so beautiful, I got teared up yet again, listening to this beautiful song for the gazillionth time. I never tire of this one. Thanks for your lovely comment.

Hi Margie, He certainly is and still he goes on and on. I'd like to see him again. Hope the opportunity presents itself. He's still at Massey Hall every year, wow!

Hi SandyL, Ill have to see the question, over at one of my other blogs!

Hi Joe, Oh so true.

Happy Canada Day! G :<)

Teri C said...

Happy Canada day to you Geraldine!

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for highlighting this day and this song. Lightfoot is a marvel.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Good post, Geraldine. I always have enjoyed Gordon Lightfoot's songs. I remember listening over and over to his albums in my teens!He sure looks young in this video!

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