Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mr. Cheddar Unwraps His Prize!!!


Woohooo!! Mr. Cheddar struck pay/kibble-dirt when he won this recent contest in the Lazy Cat category.

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Chedster on Facebook.
We appreciated all of your votes!

Not that the Ched is ever lazy in reality but he does like his napping time, as seen in this winning photo:

And here's Mr. Cheddar opening his prize basket:

I've hit the Jackpot !!

Yummmm....and yummier!  Lots of food. And a couple of fun toys too.


Meowmie, let me read the card for myself!!!


There's a lot of kibble in this basket; that will last a loooooong time.
A coupon for another big bag included too. And in one of Ched's fav flavors, Trout.

Yet another reason that we definitely need another feline to share our home.
Mr. Cheddar, totally agrees. Hopefully soon. :<)


Margie said...

So happy that handsome Mr. Cheddar won.
Well deserved win and a great prize!



Joseph said...

Mr.Cheddar is always a winner. What a great shot of him looking up at his basket. He really did strike pay/kibble dirt.

Teri Casper said...

WHOOHOO Mr Ched! Have fun eating and playing and napping of course.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Ah, these pictures are so sweet, a perfect prize for a wonderful cat!
Way to go Mr. Ched!!
The basket is almost as big as Mr. Cheddar, and I see some pretty cute mice in there as well!
Geraldine, Congrats on a great photo, and good work for your dear friend!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

We knew you'd win!! We had our paws crossed after all!
High 4's and big Headbonks!
Have lots of fun playing and enjoying your delicious kibble, and other treats!!
Herbert and Arthur

Geraldine said...

Hi Margie, He is such a handsome cat, I totally agree. I love all these photos and I love the Chedster! Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Joe, He is indeed! And he did indeed strike kibble-dirt!!! ;<)

Hi Teri, A headbonk from your furry nephew. He thought it was great how much you worked on getting him votes. I did too!

Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, I like that, it is almost as big as the Chedder! LOL And so glad the boys there sent High 4's and headbonks. Ched says:right back at you H and A. Get your mom to post some pics ok!!!

Happy Week, G :<)

Lorraine said...

Well that's no surprise we/ve all known that, we knew but hey dig the basket oh my gosh, I too would love it, hummm my cats hihi

Dianne said...

congrats Mr Cheddar!!
I knew you were a winner
enjoy your basket

Mr. Cheddar said...

Hi Ms. Margie, Oh you do have an eye for the felines, even though I've heard you are a ahhhhem...doggie lover! You're nice anyways, Meowmie said so. Snort....

Hi Pawmie, I certainly did hit the kibble jackpot!

Hi Auntie Teri, You helped a lot, rustling up votes for me. Me and the humans here really appreciated that. But then again, I am your furry nephew, right?

Hi Ms. Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Yes, the basket is a biggie! I LIKE IT!!! I will be working my way through these bags for a loooooooooooooong time. Snort.

Hi Meowmie, Thanks for helping with the typing and vote gathering. You are good at some things, I must admit. Dishing out the kibble, well at times that duty is performed at a less than optimal speed. But overall, I love you anyways Meowmie, warts and all!!!

Hi Ms. L, No surprise at all, I agree. Were your lovely felines impressed Ms. L???

Hi Ms.Dianne, Thank you from the bottom of my kibble bowl!

Headbonks from the Chedster!

Lorraine said...

they cried a little they were so proud Kimmi was a bit envious but Mikey calmed her down, also calmed me down I love surprises with food and toy HIGH five Ched

Mim said...

Hi there - thanks for stopping by! love the Mr. Cheddar story, what a beautiful kitty!

Please feel free to post for Animal Wednesday - I usually put in a mr. linky thing so that you can link to your post, - we'd love to have you

Georgia said...

Congrats, Mr. Cheddar! You are a real beauty.

Geraldine said...

Hi Lorraine, Sounds like the kitties there were impressed! So was the Ched. LOL It was quite a basket!

Hi Dianne, Mr. Cheddar appreciates your kind words, so do I.

Hi Mr. Cheddar, Ohhhh...Ched! You can be so cheesy at times. ;<)

Hi Mim, That sounds great, thank you.

Hi Georgia, Welcome to Happy Break. Thanks for your comment. I loved seeing the products at your site today, so cool!

Happy Week, G :<)

Ed Pilolla said...

i do enjoy mr. cheddar's adventures. he is somehow extremely photogenic:)

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