Sunday, August 19, 2012

Word of the Week: Focus


It's so easy to get distracted, isn't it?

To have our thoughts go in all different directions, instead of being focused on one thing at a time. This is an issue I am constantly working on.

But I know how important it is to be focused. In theory at least. ;<)

If we are going to do our best work on any kind of project or task, we can't also be mulling over: what to make for supper, whether the plants need watering, filing nails at the same time...the list goes on and on.

 I have also been making an effort recently not to get signed up for too many "extras" online, that take up time and often in rather trivial ways including: too many newsletters, email alerts...lots of distractions. I'm also not a fan of Facebook or Twitter anymore. I know a lot of people just love these social media sites but for me, they were just more ways to waste precious time.

On the other hand, I don't consider blogging a waste of time, at all. I find it energizing and stimulating. Writing posts and visiting my (many) fav blogs. These pursuits add to my day, in a positive and productive way. Within reason for blogging time, of course!!! LOL 

I have a number of wonderful and diverse creative projects on the go right now that I am really excited about. I'm swamped, but in a good way! But in order to proceed with all of them productively, I need to have a plan each day what I'll be working on.

 Focusing...instead of randomly trying to work on several tasks and getting diverted and distracted along the way.

Multi-tasking appears to be productive but apparently it isn't. That's been proven again and again. I blogged about multi-tasking vs chunking  previously here.

I hope you find this word/mantra for the week helpful with your own creative pursuits.



Joseph said...

Excellent choice for a word of the week. It is so easy to get distracted with things that aren't really important. If you focus on one thing at a time, you do get much better results.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This was a good post and word, Ms. Ger. It is true, that if one wants to accomplish a goal, one needs to focus, although I think human women tend to be multitaskers. However, just because you can multitask, doesn't necessarily mean it's always good for you! :)
I do think mulling, and woolgathering is part of the creative process, but if one wants to see one's ideas take form, such as a story or drawing, then there is the time a person needs to pick up the pencil and put it on the paper, and not allow oneself to be distracted.
In my case it is put one's paws on the keyboard, as I lack the dexterity to hold a specialty IS woolgathering, and mulling. But I do get your point dear, Ms. Ger.
Arthur still is young and allows every little distraction to alter his focus - it seems the only times he gets for mulling things over are in his dreams.
Headbonks to the Ched, and wishing you a happy, (productive) week ahead!
Ciaooow for now,

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Ah perfect word, a focus is a easy thing to lose. It seems there are so many demands in our lives...

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Cathy said...

This is a perfect word for me to literally focus on this week as I try to put behind me all the debris from the shit storm of the past week! Excellent choice Geraldine. Gonna make it my mantra!

Geraldine said...

Hi Joe, So true.

Hi Herbert, You said a mouthful my furry feline friend! And such good points you've brought up too. Don't be too hard on Artie, he is young and as cute a button. You can help him mature and learn from your wisdom. ;<)

Hi Jen, there are indeed. All about priorities I think.

Hi Cath, Sorry to hear about the storm. I do hope things are settling down for you now. Take care.

Hugs and thanks for stopping in, G

Susie Clevenger said...

Marvelous choice and speaks right to me. My thoughts are so fractured as well as what I try to accomplish. I need to focus on one task at a time so I can complete them.

SandyCarlson said...

I hear you on this one. I do find the quick-answer social media to be a waste. I respect thoughtful blogging, and I a glad you are here.

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