Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Bit of Spring Pink on Yet Another Grey Day...

I am getting SO tired of the weeks of almost continuous grey, cloudy days; here in Interior BC.

This photo of beautiful cherry blossoms photographed a couple of years ago on our main street; always makes me smile.

I hope this oh so pink spring photo and  haiku poem brings a smile to your day too. :<)

How's your weather?
Any signs of spring where you are?

PS: And if you are in need of a giggle on a gloomy or otherwise day, check out Mr. Cheddar as you've never seen him before!  ;<)


sandy said...

I can hardly wait!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

What a lovely picture - these blossoms are sure pretty, and I'm sure their fragrance is beautiful!
This is something to look forward to!
I know this may sound early but I THINK I heard a robin yesterday; and someone at work said they all also thought they heard one...so spring may be earlier than normal here!
BTW, I think Ched's many disguises are great! Ched certainly gets around, indeed!
Thanks for the smile,

Joseph said...

I love the photo and the haiku. I'm so sick of the weather here too. It's depressing.

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyL, We are finally seeing some sun today, wooohooo...hope it keeps up!

Hi Brenda, They are amazing trees/flowers. Lovely scent and flowers. This tree always brightens up the main street in the spring!

Hi Joe, Me too!

Happy Thursday, G :<)

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