Friday, February 17, 2012

Mr. Cheddar: He's a Sophisticat!

After living with Mr. Cheddar for almost 5 years, I thought I knew everything there was to know about his likes and dislikes. But last night, I found out something new.

Mr. Cheddar is a big Matt Dusk fan!

In case you haven't heard of Matt Dusk before, here's one of his videos: Matt Dusk: Back in Town

Joe and I have been fans of this Canadian singer for a long time. We saw him in concert years ago and have a several of his CDs. He is a wonderful performer.

Last night while Joe was doing the dishes and I was working on some knitting, we had a Matt CD playing. Mr. Cheddar was almost finished his din-din except for a the last few kibbles left in his bowl. 

Normally, when Ched is eating, we make sure that all is quiet and if we have music on, we turn it off so that he can enjoy his food with no noise to bother him.

Well, here's the funny part. Ched made seven (yes seven) trips to his kibble bowl to have a couple of bites, while Matt was singing in the background. And every time we turned off the music, he stopped eating! Apparently, Cheddar likes some mood music to go with his vittles.

How's that for one sophisticated feline?

Mr. Cheddar has never done this before. It's obvious that he is a big fan of Matt Dusk. Perhaps already a fan on his Facebook page etc...I wonder if Matt Dusk is a fan of Mr. Cheddar's? A lot in common already. They are both such good-looking guys with lots of talent! :<)

It really was a hoot, watching Mr.Cheddar dining to Matt's crooning! I only wish I could have captured it on video with sound. Maybe next time. ;<)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I love this picture of Mr. Ched - very appropriate for a true sophistocat! :)
Thanks for the video of Matt Dusk...I've never heard of him, and I certainly did enjoy his style, voice and song.
Actually, I was abit shocked to see a very young man, sing in a style which reminded me of the more sophisticated oldtime singers such as Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra, etc. and carry it off so perfectly, making it his own.I didn't realize people still did this and it really is so great!
I intend to listen to more of his music!
Ched has a lot of class in his musical taste, it seems!
P.S. I am also wondering about the security words needed to comment, they can be quite difficult to read, indeed!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Ched,
We know that you are one classy cat!
B seems to really like this Matt Dusk...we aren't particular about music, we just like to eat. Heehee.
Headbonks to a cool dude!
Herbert and Arthur

Joseph said...

Ched is an amazing cat and it was fun to find out that he is a music lover too. At least when it comes to Matt Dusk.

Teri Casper said...

Oh Ched, you are so sophisticated! And a music lover as well. Sure took your Meowmie a long time to figure that out.

On the other hand, how did your Meowmie get Joe to do the dishes?!

Mr. Cheddar said...

Hi Ms. Brenda, Yeah, Matt Dusk is one cool dude, I guess that's why I feel a catship with him, snort...I'd like to pick up some of those cool threads like he wears, I think a striped tie would definitely make me even more appealing to the female felines out there. On second thought, maybe not, how could I be even MORE appealing. Impossible!!!

Hi H and A, You simply must try enjoying your kibs with some mood music in the background. Oh so soothing to the tummy and spirit. Let me know if you have any fav singers I might want to check out too. So far, Matt baby is the only one I like that the humans play here. but they can be rather limited in so many areas...snort!!!!

Hi Pawmie, Just joshin' about being limited Pawmie. You know it ain't true.

Hi Auntie Teri, Yeah, a little slow on the upswing was Meowmie on this score. Teeeheee score, get it? As for the dishes, Pawmie is pretty good about domestic chores. He even keeps my litter box up to my high standards, most days that is! There is always room for improvement, when it comes to human behaviour! Always.

Headbonks, The Chedster, oh so sophisticated and off to practise my own singing abilities. Maybe Matt needs an opening act? I'll be checking...

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Mr. Ched,
I think Herbert may like harmonica tunes - or so it seems.
I have been enjoying listening to an artist "Harproli", on You Tube who seems to be in Switzerland, and has recorded tunes by The Beatles such as Yesterday, well as other artists (Tears in Heaven by Clapton).

Well, I have been playing these and listening while putzing around the apartment, cleaning this morning, and Herbert is laying with his head on the keyboard listening.

He thinks you and your folks might enjoy this talented man!

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, you are a lot of fun! I enjoyed this so much.

Magyar said...

__We never stop learning how our animal friends... percieve; we have mis-understood their intelect.

this cat
listens to Enya

Best wishes. _m

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, I think you'd all enjoy Matt Dusk very much. He is a master of making the "old tunes" from the 30's and 40's sound fresh and new again. And what wonderful tunes they had back then. He puts on a great show too, very personable guy. We met him after the show! And yes, Ched does indeed show great taste when it comes to music and so many other things too, kibble brands at the top of that list! LOL

Hi Joe, I don't know if Ched is a fan of any other singers but you never know with him. He still seems to be full of surprises. How about that vertical jump he did recently. Wowsa!!! Acrobat Cheddie.

Hi Teri, I thought Auntie Teri would enjoy this Ched story. As far as the dishes, Joe is great about offering to do them, even after a long day at work. Who says there's no good help these days! ;<) I appreciate it too.

Hi Ched, Keep those surprises coming my furry little man. You are the bestest!!!

Hi SandyC, I wonder what Clyde's taste in music leans towards? You'll have to try out some tunes on that cutie too!

Hi Magyar, Welcome and I do agree about the intelligence of animals and how often it is overlooked. I never doubt their abilities in so many areas and it's always nice to be delighted by having them share those with us.

Happy Week, G :<)

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