Friday, March 2, 2012

A Desktop Dazzler on the Cusp of Spring

Sigh, big surprise. Another grey day out there today.

So I went in search of the brightest, "sunniest" flower I could find in my photo archives to cheer me up as I sat at my computer. This one was a guaranteed smile-booster! It certainly is brightening up my desktop today.

Hope you enjoy it too! And do enlarge as a desktop background/wallpaper for the "full effect" LOL.

I also posted about this pretty petunia, last summer over at My Poetic Path: Red Velvet in the Sun. And who should come to blog-visit that week but one of my fav authors, Susan Wiggs. She left a sweet comment for that post too. Isn't the Internet a wonderful place to be! You never know who you will meet. Talk about brightening the day! :<)

Here's hoping that this is the last grey stretch of winter, coming to an end. I usually love winter but this year, it seemed waaaaay too long and much too dreary.

And in the meantime; here's to dreams about red velvet in the sun...


Cathy said...

What a beautiful flower Geraldine! I know what you mean about grey. While it hasn't been even close to a normal winter with snow and really cold temps, it's been rainy and dreary and grey since Oct/Nov.

Enough! I can't wait to see beauties like this again!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower! For some reason, I never buy red.
I like that writer, too. The internet is neat, isn't it?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I love this picture, the red of the petunia is so vivid. did you take this photo?
I do remember it from your post last year, and thought it was beautiful then as well.
I tend not to think of buying red petunias either, but always admire them when I see them planted, or as in this picture.
Spring is very near!
BTW, I bought flower seeds a week ago, sweet peas, bachelor buttons, cactus zinnias, blue flax, poppies, and tall sunflowers.
I guess I just needed to feel spring was not too far away. :)

Joseph said...

This is a beautiful flower and photo. I remember what a bright sunny day that was. The petals do look like red velvet.

I'm so tired of the grey days too.

Geraldine said...

Hi Cathy, I think everyone has been suffering through a dreary, grey winter, based on what I've read at so many blogs. I am SO ready for some bright sunny days and some COLOR too. LOL

Hi SandyL, I love red. I have a lot of red clothes and they always brighten my mood when I wear them. Remember the 'color wheel' for clothing etc? I am a "winter" according to this and that means bright, vivid colors. I'm all for that. Yes, it was so cool that Susan Wigg's stopped in over at my other blog. I was honored. Such a great place to be, the Internet!

Hi Brenda, Yes, I did take this photo, with my little CoolPix camera. And on a very bright day, the kind they tell you not to take photos on LOL. Well, it worked that time.

thanks for sharing about the flower and plant seeds, makes me feel all springlike just reading that! I hope I have a garden this year, it's been too long...

Hi Joe, Yes, it was such a lovely bright day, I remember it too.

Happy Week, G :<)

Brian Miller said...

nice...hope you have a beautiful day...nice and sunny here...been out working on the car getting some fresh air...

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Awesome photo ~ velvety flower ~ can almost feel the touch ~ thanks, namaste, carol ^_^

Deborah ~ Westlander Poetry said...

beautiful bright break from the gray Seattle skies ... thanks for this Geraldine!


Geraldine said...

Hi Brian, I bet your car looks shiny and new after your hard work! Enjoy that sunshine, it's still grey here...sigh!!!

Hi Carol, This is one of my fav flower photos. I was amazed really how well it came out. It's a hard color to photograph and my camera is not top-drawer by any means LOL. Glad you enjoyed this photo too!

Hi Deb, Ah...we are pretty close in geography, yes another grey, cloudy day! Spring...bring it on.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by. G :<)

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