Friday, April 27, 2012

A Chuckle from Mr. Cheddar: Wishful Thinking!

"Dream big my furry friend. Dream big!!!"



sandy said...


Teri Casper said...

LOL. You go Chedman!! Keep that dream alive.

SandyCarlson said...


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Ahhh!, Mr. Ched, how sweet, couldn't be cuter!
Yes, this little kitty couldn't find a better big cat to aspire too!
Love, hugs,

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, cool, Chedster!
That little guy would like to be as big as you one day, well, that might be tough paws to fill!
But who, know we were all little runts (oops, I mean cute little guys) like him once upon a time!
P.S. Any word on that cute foxy cat you were interested in from the cover of the Cat hair crafting book, over at My Real Life Reviews!
Really I meant, it Ched, don't be shy, you have a lot going for you!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Mr. Ched,
I see Arthur got here before I had a chance to give my far mor erudite comment to this interesting post of your's.

You see, Arthur hasn't had as many years experience in cat meditation as you or I, and so doesn't probaby understand some of the great felinosphical issues around this picture.

He's too busy, playing soccer madly with his bizzy ball, all day, and waking me up, and trying to chase me around the apartment, to really get much understanding of a deeper way of thinking. really it can be abit much...but forgive me, I digress here.

I think you may have been getting at the passage of time, and how we all started out as little rugrats (oops, I was thinking of Arthur again) - I should say small, helpless little kittens - and that each of us cats has the potential to achieve our hopes and dreams.

As you know Ched, we think very highly of your literary talents, here, as well as your bug warrior skills, and must say this little guy has chosen a good model to aspire to.
So, Headbonks, High 4's, and Bravo!!
Another excellent post from our fav Celebrity Blogger!

B has asked me to pass on that the next time she is at Pasqua Hospital, she plans to find the painting you mentioned, and that she thinks she has a good idea whose painting it might be. In fact she says, she may have to make a special trip just to find it.

Joseph said...

This is SO cool. Oh Cheddie, you are an inspiration to us all. I had such a good laugh seeing this too.

Geraldine said...

Hi SandyL, I would have to agree.

Hi Teri, Yes indeedy!

Hi SandyC, What did Clyde think of this one?

Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Yes, he is not only a celeb blogger, fearless bug warrior and now a role model too! ;<) Mr. Cheddar will be stopping by to answer your other questions. I don't know how things are going with that feline cover girl.

Hi Joe, Ched inspires me every day just by being the little trouper that he is, in so many ways. what a great kitty to share life with eh?

Happy Weekend, G

Dianne said...

that's wonderful
Mr C is a joy

Mr. Cheddar said...

Hi Ms. SandyL, Cute...ummm, yeah I guess. I do like to be an inspiration for the wee ones too.

Hi Auntie Teri, Yes indeed. I am such a good role model aren't I???

Hi SandyC, For a dog-lover, you're ok!!!

Hi Ms. B, Herbert and Arthur, Yes, this baby certainly could do worse than picking my amazing physique and stature to strive for. Snort...About that babe on the cover, I am waiting on Random House for a reply but you know how temperamental some of these 'artistic types' can be. I'm hoping this babe has a good heart. She's got mine!!! Sigh...

Hi Pawmie, I'm glad I brought a chuckle to your day. You and Meowmie providing many for me when I gaze upon you sleeping, sometimes with your mouths open. Gross but funny, snort!!! Oops..sorry Pawmie, was that too much info?

Hi Ms.Dianne, Yes, I am aren't I? what a wise woman you are.

Happy Mid-Week, The Chedster!!!

Cathy said...

He's such a handsome littl dude and he looks like he could be Chloe's brother, they look amazingly alike!

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