Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mr. Cheddar: Kinda,Sorta...Back on Bug Patrol!


Is that a speck of dirt Meowmie or a BUG???

We've had a few warm days here recently and with it, the appearance of the first bugs/insects of spring.

It should be the time for Mr. Cheddar to spring into action and be on "bug patrol" . The reality the other night, was far from it.

It is a BUG!  Yikes....a big, big bug!!!!

That's better.

 Stay on that side of the bar and we'll get along just fine, OK?

Oh Meowmie, I am not hiding behind my Cat Cave.

I'm just looking for something. Go away with that camera!


And that is exactly what happened.

The bug made a jump and Chedster did too. Right behind his Cat Cave, where he stayed until the bug disappeared. Amazing but true. LOL

As any of Mr. Cheddar's fans already know, he like to be considered strong and capable, especially in terms of his bug-catching abilities. But when it comes to BIG BUGS (click to check out some history on that subject) well....let's just say, some things never change.

We love ya Cheddie, even if you are afraid of bugs.

I wouldn't want to eat them either. ;<)

PS: Sorry for the blur...Camera shake unavoidable when it comes to capturing Ched and bug photos!!!


Magyar said...

__I really like cats! They have that ability to understand more than a "'Master's Degree' human mind," could ever give them credit.

this bug
a shot betwixt paw taps
cat soccer

Three cheers, Mr. Cheddar! _m

Ed Pilolla said...

this just shows cheddar has common sense. i like him even more.

Joseph said...

That's our Cheddie. He's a fearless bug warrior. Well sort of...

Dianne said...

That's OK Mr C, you're in good company
Siren just looks at them in disdain, I think he shames them to death
Isadora will grab at them once and then look at me

Teri Casper said...

Oh you Chedman, what a brave nephew you are. That bug would have made me run also!!

Hugs to you and Meowmie.

Geraldine said...

Hi Magyar, Me and the Chedster loved your poem, thank you! Yes, they are intelligent beyond our comprehension I think. Mr. Cheddar is one bright boy. Just kind of a scaredy cat! LOL

Hi Ed, Yeah, who wants to eat bugs anyways!!!

Hi Joe, As long as they aren't TOO big. :<)

Hi Dianne, Your cats sound pretty terrific too. Share lots of pics, ok!

Hi Teri, And me and the Ched send hugs back to you.

Happy Weekend, G :<)

Cathy said...

lol I'd love to see him do the jump of terror and good thing he doesn't have fleas or you'd have to have him on meds for PTSD! lol

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Mr. Ched,
We think that you certainly showed good sense in just leaving that bug alone. Neither me or Arthur have any interest once so ever in bugs.
Yours in feline solidarity,
Headbonks from both of us.

Mr. Cheddar said...

Hi Mr. Magyar, I can tell you are indeed a cat-friendly and oh so wise human!. Love that poem. Pray tell, did you know that I am also now penning poems over at my Meowmie's other cooking, craft and cat blog? You simply must stop by soon.

Hi Mr. Ed (used to love reruns of that TV show snort), Another oh so wise man, thank you kind sir!

Hi Pawmie, I most certainly am. I just have my size restrictions when it comes to those squirming critters!!!! Snort.

Hi Ms. Dianne, Oh your felines sound oh so divine. If only they were closer to my home. Sigh...

Hi Auntie Teri, Such a wonderful auntie you are. And also, oh so wise.

Hi Meowmie, Yeah, right!!!!

Hi Ms. Cathy, Fleas!!! NOT. I am a clean and fearless bug warrior.

Hi Herbert and Arthur,Oh you must try a fly now and then. Especially spring flies, they are juicy and delish at this time of year. I am surprised that you are not also bug warriors but tell Ms. Brenda that can definitely change and how.

I'm off to nosh on my din-din,

The Cheddar, Always fearless just not a fan of BIG BUGS!!! I mean, who really is? Snort...

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