Friday, April 1, 2011

Check Your Bra... It's April Fool's Day!

The Case of the Interfering Brassieres-1982:

The Daily Mail reported that a local manufacturer had sold 10,000 "rogue bras" that were causing a unique and unprecedented problem, not to the wearers but to the public at large. Apparently the support wire in these bras had been made out of a kind of copper originally designed for use in fire alarms. When this copper came into contact with nylon and body heat, it produced static electricity which, in turn, was interfering with local television and radio broadcasts. The chief engineer of British Telecom, upon reading the article, immediately ordered that all his female laboratory employees disclose what type of bra they were wearing.

Have a great weekend.

And do check those underwires if your bra starts talking... LOL!!!

Source: the Museum of Hoaxes website.


Teri C said...

LOL! Great post for April Fool's Day!

Anonymous said...

A good one Geraldine! I hate to say it, but you almost had me!

Anonymous said...

I must be awfully gullible, because I didn't realize until I read the other comments, that this was in jest! (I guess I didn't get through the April Fool's thing as unscathed as I'd hoped!) :)

Geraldine said...

Hi Teri, Glad you enjoyed the LOL!

Hi Sandy, I thought this was a hoot. The whole website over there is quite a LOL!!!

Hi Sparks, That's what it's all about, isn't it LOL

Happy Weekend, G

Joseph said...

Very funny hahaha.

lissa said...

thanks for the chuckle! and thanks for your visit. hope you are enjoying your day.

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