Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh no...Mr. Cheddar caught doing....

D-O-G tricks???


I still think he was doing D-O-G tricks!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, from me and the (d-o-g loving) Ched.


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Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Please don't tell the Ched I said so, but isn't he "rolling over", in these pictures?

(Or maybe feline yoga stretches.) :)

Mr. Ched is adorable, handsome and just too cute!

Nice post, and brightened up my day Geraldine!

Your love of the Ched is very apparent.

Happy Weekend!

SandyCarlson said...

What fun shots. That looks like very sophisticated feline yoga!

Tammie said...

we had a cat once, he had extra toes... we would wad up tiny balls of paper and 'Jet' would fetch them and bring them back to us, over and over. We could even say "Jet, where is your ball?" he would go find one and bring it to us. Maybe cats will do all sorts of tricks.

Joseph said...

Mr. Cheddar does not do dog tricks. But it sure looks like it.

Mr. Cheddar said...

This is definitely NOT a Ched approved post. Meowmie, meowmie...looks like it's hair-pulling at midnight again for you. Snort....

The One and Only Ched
Celebrity Blogger

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, I think it's a roll-over too but Ched says NO WAY!
Yes, the love of Ched (and all the pets through all the years) is just a given. Hard to imagine life without them!

Hi SandyC, Oh Ched likes that. He says that you are correct in noting the sophistication of his feline moves LOL.

Hi Tammie, I've had cats that fetched perfectly (Mitzi was one of them) isn't that a hoot? She liked those foam golf-balls that are avail at pet stores, would go up and down again and again. Not for the Ched though, he's not into fetching, too dog-u-lin!!! Your cat Jet sounds like a smart guy.

Hi Joe, I agree!

Hi Ched, Oh please Ched, not the hair pulling!!! It hurts. Look at all the nice comments above. Isn't it worth it?

Happy Weekend and Week, G

Teri C said...

Hey Mr Ched I recognize those dog tricks especially since I was just visiting them. Can't fool me Ched!!

And you be good to your Meowmie, remember her sore wrist so go purr at her and be nice.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. That is so cute. Mr. Ched should have his own blog. Love him ♥

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